AVE40 Vape Shop Review

AVE40 Established in 2013 is connected to Alibaba. AVE40 develops with a team of 280 people for the development of companies and services. Passionate and energetic, the team offers a wide range of Vapor products with their services considered. In 2016, the AVE40 exceeded its sales of over 75 million dollars. AVE40 includes more than 1,000 vapor shops and leading online stores in China, with 80% of domestic customer groups.

AVE40 Review

AVE40 Vaper Games

The Vaper games is a serial game very close to Vapor. It combines funny vapor games and informative interviews with vapor brand owners who bring the stories behind the brands in a cheerful atmosphere. VGod Tricksters also participated in the show. The Vaper games are sponsored on YouTube and Instagram and are gaining attention. This is their new attempt and to proof that they have strong marketing capability and they have the right and best vapor brands for you.

For more information about their Vaper games, visit their YouTube Channel.

Ave40’s Web Layout

The Ave40 Blog is the leading independent communications platform under Ave40 Co. Ltd. You could get the latest news about products as well as e-cig with hundreds of millions of Vapers worldwide. With over 200 employees in their team, they generate more than 100,000 visitors each day. They provide experience and knowledge on the use of:

  • E-cig products
  • Magazines
  • Videos
  • News

Starter Kits for New Vapers

They carry the best battery kits from the top brands like:

  • SMOK
  • Wismec
  • Eleaf
  • JoyeTech
  • KangerTech
  • Aspire

Vape Gears

Their established partnership with manufacturers and strong marketing capabilities allow them to offer a wide range of innovative vapor products, including:

Ave40 delivers improved values ​​and exceptional experience for wholesalers, retailers, vapors, online stores and end users.

Exclusive Products

Ave40 is the exclusive distributor for e-liquid premium brands such as

  • Fresh Saft
  • Fat Panda

In addition, they have their own e-liquid from Malaysia with the best imported ingredients, Mr. Fruitie. Their premium e-fluids are checked and promoted on China’s busiest online forum – VPBUS.com and on the e-liquid online collection portal – pinyou8.com.


They have a lot of flavors in E-juice section from where you can select of your own choice. Such as:

  • Fat Panda
  • Fruitie

General Considerations/Overall Thoughts

Despite many providers for you to choose, Ave40 is one of the best. They have great prices and every vapor would love to buy it because all the products are 100% original. AVE40 is for every person who wants to Vape either in early age or later. Their E-Liquid brands are more than welcome to become their long-term e-liquid partner in order to exploit great potential in Chinese domestic markets and beyond. Just send them an e-mail to info@ave40.com or visit their website for more details.

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