8 Myths About CBD for Dogs You Must be Curious To Know

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa plant. Due to its benefits to the body, it is not only famous for use amongst humans but also animals. However, in the case of dogs, several myths have been doing the rounds lately. This article intends to put a rest on them and throw some light on facts that you must be curious to know.

CBD can cure all ailments in your dog

There has been a surge in notions that state that CBD can cure all the ailments that a dog can suffer from. It is far from the truth. It has a defined scope when it comes to its benefits to the dog. Thus, exposing it to CBD without the prescription from a veterinarian or a doctor can end up harming it than doing any good. This makes it important for your dog to only use CBD as a tool for recovery in the well-researched areas. There are some ways CBD can be of use for your furry pet.

Aging dogs can often suffer from joint pain that can be highly painful and agonizing for them. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD strengthen your dog’s joints and do away with the pain gradually. Besides, it brings about more mobility in the joints upon the right use. CBD can also be a way to help dogs tackle their anxiety issues and phobias. Most importantly, dogs undergoing separation fear from their owners can find calmness with its regular use.

Another way CBD facilitates the health of the dogs is that it reduces the intensity of seizures significantly. Hence, there are some ways CBD can hold instrumental in improving your pet’s health but should not become the way to treat ailments without a proper prescription.

CBD is safe for dogs to consume CBD along with THC within 

Although a small amount of THC is fine, you should make it a point to not allow your dog to consume it at all. That is the safest option for your dog, considering how marijuana poisoning can be a serious issue. It is highly detrimental to the health of your pet. Thus, even though it might be a bit costly, avoiding THC altogether is best for the optimal health of your dog.

Further, it is THC that is responsible for causing high and not CBD. You can allow your pet to gain all the therapeutic benefits of CBD, without allowing it to suffer from the mind-altering characteristics found in THC.

CBD is of no help in fighting cancer

As we all know, cancer is a deadly disease that involves uncontrollable proliferation of cells in a particular organ. Research proves that CBD has anti-tumor properties. Thus, it helps prevent the growth of cancer cells and even enables killing the existing cells in the body. It also plays a role in bolstering the immune system, which facilitates in tackling the growth of cancer cells. Due to its anti-cancer properties, it also helps increase the efficiency of the conventional treatment of cancer.

CBD bought from anywhere is same

While it may seem that CBD bought from anywhere is equally efficient, it is imperative to buy CBD from a trustworthy source. Highly cheaper than usual products often signify the compromise of quality. Thus, do not fall for them and make sure your dog gets access to the best kind of CBD.

Although good quality CBD might be costly, the manufacturers in these cases pay extra attention to the purity and efficacy of the product. Hence, if you want your dog to benefit the maximum out of the use of CBD, it is important to consider the quality of CBD. 

CBD oil is the same as Hemp Oil

There is a misconception amongst people that CBD oil and Hemp oil are synonymous. Hemp oil alone does not contain much of CBD in it. It becomes beneficial when it acts as a carrier oil, with CBD oil being the main ingredient of the mixture.

It is imperative to make sure that you know the contents of the product that you buy for your dog. You should avoid THC as an ingredient altogether. CBD is safe for use. Even though CBD overdose is an unlikely scenario, it is better for the health of your pet if you introduce a new supplement gradually.

Certificate of Analysis is not relevant

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) is important when it comes to ensuring that the product contains the same amount of CBD that it claims. Without the COA, the provided information remains unsubstantiated. It also acts as a way to make sure that the product is original and does not contain contaminants.

Unfortunately, there are very few online sellers that demonstrate the COAs. This makes it difficult to find the true nature of the product. It is high time the enforceability of displaying the COA becomes a reality.

CBD does not have cardiovascular benefits  

If your dog is undergoing irregular heartbeat and issues like damaged blood vessels, CBD can prove to be a savior. Not only does it have the ability to prevent the damage of blood vessels but also helps keep the blood pressure in check.

Your dog might sometimes experience high blood pressure and an increase in the heart rate due to stress. CBD products like the CBD vape oil can enable it to get the much-required relief and calmness.

CBD is psychoactive

There is a common perception amongst people that all cannabis products and elements are psychoactive. However, this is far from true. It is only tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in the cannabis plant that can make your dog high. CBD, on the other hand, is completely devoid of psychoactive elements. It shall rather work as a therapeutic agent for your dog and help it achieve optimal health with regular consumption. 

Delving deep into cannabis concentrates, shatter is one of the types that has THC content. Due to its ability to provide the effects with the production of less smoke and more vape like CBD vape, it is highly popular amongst cannabis enthusiasts.

Taking into consideration the umpteen benefits of CBD for dogs, it is high time we shed our inhibition regarding its use. The aim is to not allow the myths surrounding the use of CBD to dissuade your furry pet from achieving a healthy and content lifestyle. Not only for pets, but cbd is also beneficial for many health problems in humans like treating anxiety. Just like CBD, you can get your dog the best vape that you can afford. Visit smokefree uk to read more about the legal alternative to smoking.

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