Does Weed Make Sex Better For Women?

32 year old Miranda Hooper has been using cannabis for her fibromyalgia for the past 4 years now. She has been managing her pain very effectively by consuming edibles and smoking marijuana. Miranda isn’t trying to get high, but it actually helps stimulate her appetite, sleep better and manage inflammation & pain without any side effects. There is also another interesting thing that she shared with her doctor.

Miranda quotes that cannabis has also boosted her sex drive. She feels sexually aroused after eating an edible or smoking a joint. Marijuana experiences are different for men and women. We also need to understand that the relationship between weed and sex has more to do about exploring sexuality than cannabis. 

Dr. Becky Kaufman Lynn, director at the Center for Sexual Health at Saint Louis University also noticed this trend among here patients. And because so many of them were always asking her about the good sex followed by cannabis consumption. After learning there wasn’t much prior research on the subject, she decided to do her own study.

The study concluded that most women had increased libido production and an increased sexual drive after consuming marijuana. Lynn believes that this is because cannabis intake made the subjects more comfortable, less anxious, heightened their sensations and slows down their time perception. 

There are quite a few aphrodisiac benefits that you can get from weed. Read along to learn how it can help you have a healthy and happy sexual life. 

It Increases Sex Drive 

It’s mostly men who are looking to experiment with their sex lives by using marijuana. Increasing their sex life being the main motto. And that’s certainly not so popular trend among women. But a recent study has something else to say. Going back to Dr. Becky Lynn’s study, 60.6% women who used marijuana before having coitus, said it increases their sex drive. 

Lack of a normal sex life is a growing concern among several women in their 40s. Thanks to studies by Dr. Lynn, women  who suffer from such problems can try cannabis products and try to get their sex drive back on track. After all, why should men have all the fun!

Overall Sexual Experience

Lynn’s study also reveals that women using weed had higher levels of libido along with an increased sex drive. Libido can help reduce friction during intercourse and thus makes the entire experience more pleasurable. This is precisely what  weed does to women’s sexual experience. As per the study, 68.5% of women claimed that using pot before having sex did wonders to their pleasure heaven, and it was a memorial experience. 

A marijuana high is very well known to most teenagers these days. It relaxes you from the inside and takes you to another level. Combine this heady mixture with the sex enzymes in your body and you get a cocktail mixture ready to take you on a roller coaster ride.

A Better “That’s It”

I was talking about orgasms if you didn’t get it the first time. You’d know what I am saying if you’ve experienced it first hand.  And good orgasms are probably why more and more women are shifting towards cannabis as an alternative therapy. As per a recent study, it says that 52.8 percent of women enjoy the last burst more than the non-weeders. Apparently, they are more satisfactory post smoking up. 

Another study published in the Sexual Medicine Journal discovered that women who consume cannabis prior to engaging in any kind of sexual activity were twice as likely to have satisfactory orgasms than those who didn’t. This is most likely because marijuana heightens your senses and makes you more sensitive and aroused on every touch and feel.

Reefers Get More Action

And the truth has been served… No one from the non-smoker family was ever able to keep bed sheets warmer than their counterparts. And we have a new survey to cement our claims. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine claims that they gathered some 28,176 women and 22,943 men to check the frequency between sex and cannabis. This study’s results declared that weedsters factually have more sex, way more, than the sober ones. The same study also claims that stoners enjoy precisely 20% more sexual encounters, which is a “yay” statement for the pot community. 

The Doses

Now that you have understood the dynamics of sex, women, and weed, let’s talk about some responsible things. Just like any other medicine in the world, if you will take marijuana in proper doses, it will not only be right for you but for your partner too. So, the first rule of thumb here is that you need to know your limits. You do not want to be stoned out of your mind before jumping onto the bed with anyone. You’d probably not want to be taken advantage of when on a cannabis high. Also sex is all about feeling the experience with your partner. So no fun in being so zoned out that you have no idea what you are trying to do.

This is where microdosing comes in handy. Be it edibles or concentrates, you need to have just enough to get a little nudge. If you are a first time consumer it is best to start with the least potent dose, just to be safe. You can get a medical marijuana card online and ask your doctor to help you with dosing.


Medical marijuana is the right way of inviting intimacy to your bed. If you are looking for a side-effect free alternative to enhance your sex life, then talking to your doctor about a 420 evaluation might be worth a shot. Remember that cannabis use isn’t legal in all 50 states and you can only use medical cannabis with a doctor’s recommendation where medical cannabis is legal. Research about your state’s laws before heading to dispensary to buy products. Also make sure you consult your 420 doctor and ask them to guide you in choosing the right product and dosing with it correctly. 

A lot of women across the United States are using marijuana to get ahead of problems and to enjoy their sex life guilt free. Talk to a professional today if you think that cannabis can help you.

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