Accessories That Can Enhance Your Bong Experience

A Bong is a device which is generally used for smoking tobacco, cannabis, or a myriad of herbs. What differentiates it from other forms of smoking equipment is that it uses water as a filtration medium.

Bongs are available in so many sizes and shapes. If you’re a smoking enthusiast than you must have had an experience smoking a bong for sure. Or at least must have heard about it.

Having said that, a typical bong consists of a bowl for herbs, a cavity or a percolator to hold water and a pipe for delivering the smoke produced.

But, there are some accessories or aftermarket attachments that can enhance your experience. Let us understand what these accessories are that can take your smoking experience to the next level.


A percolator is a contraption for a bong or water pipe that helps to cool down the smoke. This helps smokers achieve a smoother hit and way less coughing. The percolator is usually dome-shaped. But, smoking enthusiasts have been playing around with designs to improve the experience.

  • Honeycomb

As the name suggests, this percolator has tiny holes punched in flat discs. The design usually comes in pairs of discs, but can contain a multiple of them. And, of course, the number of chambers means more cooling and better filtration.

  • ShowerHead

This percolator doesn’t look anything like a showerhead but operates like one. A pipe inverted inside another pipe that pulls the smoke out of the bowl and pushes it down through the water. The best part is the enhancement in flavor due to improved residual VOC elimination.

  • In-line Type

Yet another design enhancement to the percolators, this type of percs use multiple holes created in a linear tube. As the smoke passes through these holes, it creates more diffusion, and thus offers an enhanced flavor.

These are just a few ones that are popularly bought by smoking enthusiasts. But the designs are not limited to these and there are many more…

Mouthpiece And Filters

In case you didn’t know the delivery head of a bong is infested with bacteria. In fact, a single session can increase the bacterial colony by up to 400%. An innovative solution to this problem is using a silicone mouthpiece attachment with an activated charcoal filter, commonly referred to as Bong Filter. The mouthpiece+filter attachment not only prevents the spread of harmful bacteria but also improves the flavor by eliminating tar, resins, and other contaminants.

Splash Guard

Though every pot smoker loves to hit a bong, nobody likes the taste of the water. A common problem with bongs is the splashes of water that come due to bubbling of water. To prevent these splashes from reaching your mouth, an enhancement to the delivery pipe is included in many premium bongs. And it is known as a splash guard. It does not improve the flavor or the cloud density but does improve the experience by eliminating the gross splashes of water.

With these attachments, your experience is sure to improve and that too with minimal harmful effects.

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