Are Pregabalin Tablets Really As Effective As People Say?

Finding an effective medication that can treat a variety of conditions may not always be easy. People living with chronic conditions such as epilepsy or mood disorders such as anxiety are always looking for an effective treatment to help manage symptoms associated with these conditions.

Finding a pain medication that is also highly effective in a market saturated with hundreds and perhaps even thousands of pain medications can equally be daunting. Luckily, the above is a product that can achieve all these things in a single tablet, which can spare you from taking multiple pills and treatments at once.

This therapeutic is often used to treat anxiety and epilepsy.  In addition, it can also help treat nerve pain. Nerve pain is a result of different ailments such shingles or injury. People with diabetes are also prone to experiencing a lot of nerve pain. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases states that around 60% to 70% of people with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes will develop some type of diabetic nerve pain[H1] .

This medication can be said to be effective and as an added bonus, works in multiple ways:

·         In treating anxiety, the medication works by preventing your brain from releasing the chemicals responsible for making you feel anxious.

·         In epilepsy, it can stop seizures by causing an immediate reduction in abnormal electrical activity in the brain.

·         In treating nerve pain, the medication works by interfering with pain signals that travel through the brain and down the spine, ultimately blocking the pain. You will find this quite interesting to know, especially if you have already decided to buy pregabalin to address this sensitive pain aspect.

What Are Some Of The Online Ratings For Pregabalin?

When looking to buy pregabalin, one of the things you should look for are online reviews or ratings from people who have used this medication. This will give you an idea of what to expect in terms of its quality, effectiveness and even side effects.

WebMD for example breaks down the ratings[H2]  for this medication according to effectiveness, ease of use and overall satisfaction. The overall rating for this medication from this site based on consumer reviews was 3.4 out of 5 stars, which is not a bad score at all; especially considering these reviews can be stringent.

The ratings chart provided by is also useful. This is because ratings are categorised according to how well the medication has dealt with or treated different conditions[H3]  i.e.  different kinds of pain such as neuropathic pain, generalised anxiety disorder, epilepsy, migraine prevention, fibromyalgia etc. All in all, pregabalin scores an average rating of close to 7 out of 10 stars on this website. This is derived from a total of 1,357 ratings.

Read more here:[H4] 

How Can I Buy Pregabalin Online?

People are able to buy pregabalin tablets online with just a click of a button. However, you can also use a valid prescription from your one-on-one consultation with your GP to buy pregabalin tablets online. Some states or countries do not require a prescription or have a lower schedule restriction.

There is a wide range of reputable online pharmacies available on the internet. All that will be required from you is your credit card details in order to pay for the pregabalin tablets. Buying pregabalin online is safe these days as online pharmacies prioritise user friendliness as well as safe encrypted payment options.

How Long Will I Need To Take This Medication For?

·         If you are taking this medication as a treatment for anxiety or nerve pain, you may be required to continue taking this medicine for several months to prevent anxiety or nerve pain from coming back.

·         If you are epileptic, it is likely that once your illness is under control you may still need to continue taking pregabalin for years.

How Can I Cope With The Side Effects From Taking Pregabalin?

These tablets are prone to giving some people side effects, like with all medications. Some side effects include feeling tired, sleepy or dizzy, mood changes, headaches, blurred vision, weight gain, swelling of feet, legs, hands and arms, memory problems or feeling sick. A lot of information leaflets or blogs only list side effects for you but do not actually offer advice on how you can go about treating them.

  • Feeling tired, sleepy or dizzy. As your body adjusts to this medication, you can expect the side effects to wear off. Should they not wear off within 1 to 2 weeks, consult your doctor. They can help you adjust to a reduced dosage or even increase it more slowly.
  • Mood changes.  If you suspect that this medication is causing mood changes, consult your doctor as you may possibly need to switch to a different medicine.
  • Headaches. Ensure that you get plenty of rest whilst also drinking plenty of fluids. Avoid drinking alcohol. Ask your pharmacist to recommend a painkiller. Headaches generally go away after the first week of taking this medication.
  • Blurred vision. To prevent any dangers from this, completely avoid using machines, tools or driving while you are experiencing this. Should it continue beyond a day or two, consult your doctor as she/he may need to alter your dosage or change your treatment completely.
  • Weight gain. This medication can make you feel hungrier more frequently than usual, resulting in you eating more and ultimately putting on weight. The best advice would be to eat well and healthier (less sugary, carb heavy or fatty foods) without increasing your portion sizes. If experience hunger between meals, rather eat a fruit, vegetable or low-calorie food item. Frequent exercising can also help maintain a stable weight.
  • Swelling of feet, legs, hands and arms. If your feet become swollen, try to sit with your feet up on a chair. Avoid standing for a long time. Exercise may help in the case of swollen arms. Should that fail or become painful, then consult your doctor for further advice.
  • Memory problems. If you are having trouble remembering things, which is a very rare effect[H5] , consult your doctor to explore other alternatives.
  • Feeling sick. Take this medication with meals or after a meal or snack. This will ease your symptoms. As an added precaution, avoid eating rich or spicy foods during this time.

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