Marijuana Marketing: Using SEO to Market Your Cannabis Brand

Visibility is vital if you are to enjoy frequent sales and growth in your legal marijuana business. But how do you become visible in an increasingly competitive marijuana market? Well, one answer is to use Search Engine Optimization otherwise referred to as Marijuana SEO.

What’s Marijuana SEO?

SEO is a technique for improving the ranked position of your marijuana website on search engines such as Google in a way that beats off the competition. Generally, marijuana information seekers and buyers look at the top-ranked sites first, often on the first page of Google. This means that by doing effective Marijuana SEO, you will rank higher increasing the possibility of selling more. Doing SEO can be easier said than done particularly if you don’t have internet marketing expertise. That said, here are a few tips to help guide you in getting started.

Doing SEO for Legal Marijuana

Content Optimization

One of the best ways to improving your search rankings is to churn out content and optimize them to fit in with what your target audience is searching for. Use keywords often used to search for information about marijuana products, queries, etc. You will first need to understand the search habits of your target audience and the words they are likely to use. There are a lot of free marijuana keywords research tools you can use for this. For example, Google Adwords can help you identify the relevant words you should use. 

Content Tips to Rank Your Marijuana Business Higher

While knowing the words that your target audience search is vital, it is not the only thing. You need to smarter with your content:

  • Keep reviewing marijuana searches and trends to craft better content
  • Spy on the content of the top-ranked websites in your niche
  • Examine the ranking difficulty of your keywords using tools like ahrefs.
  • Answer marijuana-related queries that users ask online. You can use sites like Quora, forums and the likes to find the questions your target audience might be having.
  • Compare content with other competing ones with a tool like Page Optimizer Pro.
  • Add relevant links to build content authenticity
  • Share your content on social networks

There are actually many more free and paid SEO tools that you can use to improve your marijuana content marketing strategy.

Link Building

Link building refers to boosting your authority on the marijuana market by getting backlinks from top sites. A search engine like Google uses crawling software called spiders to determine the relevance of content. Whenever it gets a link in particular content, it will either follow or not follow the link, depending on how the link has been structured. Here is a nice resource where you can read more about do-follow and no-follow links.

You will rank higher in Google if you have more top sites referencing or rather, linking into your site, indicating that you are an authority in the marijuana market.

This is where the term link building comes in. It is a technique of building links using strategies like guest posting, content marketing, etc.

Final Thoughts:

SEO has helped many businesses to improve visibility and improve conversions so why not use it for your marijuana business? There are the majority of tools at your disposal for free or minimal charges plus you can always seek the help of a cannabis SEO marketing agency to help turn your marijuana business into a success.

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