Stealth Vaping: How to Vape on the Sly

Stealth Vaping: what it means:

If you are a long-time vaper, you know it’s pretty hard to get the act together in situations where you are not supposed to puff. Whether in office for a long time or stuck in a traffic jam, you wish you could take a shot, but the visibility of the act bars you from the adventure. This is where stealth vaping comes into play.

As the name suggests, stealth vaping is the process of producing tiny size vapor, which decreases the exhaled puff footprint. This barely visible puffing happens through small and low power devices that can be hidden in your fist, making it genuinely low-profile.

How stealth vaping helps you to vape discreetly?

Stealth vaping gets rid of the attention that vapers draw to themselves. With unvisible devices and minimal cloud vapor, you are quite discreet with your vaping. These small devices also let out a faint scent, which is hard to catch. If you are someone who doesn’t want to be tagged as a vaper, especially in public places, stealth vaping is the best way to enjoy vaping secretively.

How to have a stealth vape?

The steps of stealth vaping need skill and patience, and a hitch or two can take away all the stealth, making you vulnerable.

  1. Portable small vaping devices:

Getting an ultraportable device is the first step towards stealth vaping as it’s the source of all your desired ecstasy. A powerful but gigantic vapor kit will release big puffs that are hard to ignore. So, get yourself a kind pen that comes in the size of your choice and is extremely easy to hide.

  1. Choose your juice carefully:

The aroma of the fluid can let people know about your adventure, even if you hide its source. Choose a juice that has a very subtle flavor that none can easily distinguish. You can also select familiar flavors, matching with popular fruit drinks or perfumes, to trick the neighbors.

  1. The skill of handling the vapor pen:

Hiding the vapor kit in your palm requires practice. You need to make natural movements with your hands while holding the pen, not to give away any hint. If one hand is not enough, bring both your hands together to cover most of the device, and specifically, its led indicator.

  1. Take small puffs:

If you take longer puffs, the clouds will be larger and easily visible. So, take tiny puffs initially and take time to exhale. When you exhale, make sure that it blows away from people who may get offended with the stream of vapor.

  1. Exhale slowly:

After inhaling, if you keep the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds, it will have less noticeability while exhaling. Also, try to exhale smoothly through your noses to make the cloud even more obscure.

  1. Use a barrier to block the vapor:

If you still worry about the smoke, you can put a screen in front of your mouth, like a towel, handkerchief, or some other paper material. This will reduce the amount of vapor going into the air. Along with this, you can blow your vapor in front of a table fan or sort, which can take the smoke away quickly in the desired direction.

  1. Try zero vaping:

If you want absolutely nothing going out of your mouth into the surrounding, zero vaping is your option. It is a technique where you inhale the vape, but let out nothing! You should always try zero vaping with small devices as big ones can still make you cough a lot, essentially robbing you of your stealth!

  1. Choose your position correctly:

If you are in your workplace or in some gathering where it is not easy to vape, you should find a place facing an open area, like a window facing a garden, or a door leading to a big passage. This will let you release the cloud discreetly towards that open space without bothering others.

  1. Create some noise when you are vaping:

Even after taking all the mentioned precautions, the sound of the coil activating inside your pen can leave you undone. Just be in a noisy spot to avoid this annoyance.

Places to avoid while vaping:

Stealth vaping is an excellent method to get your wish in hostile situations. However, you should never try this in places where vaping is banned. Among surroundings where vaping can land you to danger, airplanes are at the top. Doing so can leave you in legal trouble, and you would never want to have that just for the sake of a hit!

You must not vape in hospitals or near sick people. Although there is no proven harm of secondary vaping, the aroma or the sight itself can be uncomfortable for the patients. In any case, vaping inside hospitals is legally prohibited, so you have to bear with it.

Educational institutes are also a big no when it comes to vaping on the sly. Besides the legal impediments, the slight of the act is also not desirable. If you are a teacher, it can bring you defamation, and your job is more precious than a little shot on a pen. 

Lastly, you should not vape in a place that has a “no vaping” sign. Most of these places employ photoelectric smoke detectors that can easily detect you; so, beware!

Cautions regarding stealth vaping:

Other than the surrounding, also be sure of the materials you are using. In stealth vaping, you should avoid tobacco and menthol juices that smell like cigarettes. Try to use a juice with high PG content as it will create less vapor. Also, never try to use your massive home vaper for stealth vaping as although it will save you some bucks, it may ultimately harm the purpose.

Final words on stealth vaping:

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Discreet vaping provides a great opportunity to be in whatever you ought to, and still, have your satisfaction. Vaping, in itself, is quite safe, and it is actually 95% safer than tobacco smoking.

However, the general public opinion is adverse to any kind of smoke- be it cigarettes or vaping pens. Hence, stealth vaping is not only about being ‘sneaky’ and avoid rules, but it is also about having the comfort of privacy and enjoy your stuff without the attention of judgmental people.

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