The Ultimate CBD Chillaxation Bath Bomb Recipe

Cannabis is slowly losing its stigma, and many people are now adopting its use for various reasons. A major contributing factor to its acceptance is due to CBD, cannabidiol, which does not get its users high after consumption. CBD is likely able to help in pain management and stress, among many other benefits, records a report by the World Health Organization.

CBD is an excellent introduction for newbies and also people who do not want to experience the psychoactive effects of THC. Since the legalization of the hemp, it is now easy for those living in the states with the strictest laws when it comes to cannabis to enjoy an abundance of CBD options.

One of the most innovative and exciting CBD products on the market is the CBD bath bombs. A CBD bath bomb is simply a bath infused with cannabidiol. Topical uses of CBD are now becoming popular, just like consuming CBD oil or foods. Topicals are great since you can add other ingredients.

How CBD bath bombs work

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CBD Chillaxation bath bombs work as a regular bomb, you dissolve it into a hot water bath and immerse your whole body in it and let the contents work without your efforts. You are probably asking how CBD in the bath bomb works. The ECS (endocannabinoid system) has most of its cannabinoid receptors present in the upper layers of the skin. CBD to penetrate quickly to your skin to interact with cannabinoid receptors present in the skin.

CBD Chillaxation bath bombs do not only contain CBD. There are other additional ingredients such as essential oils that can contribute positively to our health. Some terpenes present in essential oils might have anti-inflammatory effects that could help with pain relief, soothing, relaxing, and mental health support.

CBD bath bombs have many different effects, depending on its contents. Some have raw Shea butter, while others have coconut oils that are essential for moisturizing the skin. Some contain citrus fruit essence of helping stimulate energy, and others have floral scents for reducing stress.

CBD bomb bath length

CBD Chillaxation Bath Bomb Recipe

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CBD Chillaxation bath bombs are very easy to utilize. Draw your bath at your perfect temperature, light up a few candles according to your wish, play your special playlist, put the CBD bomb in the water. When it starts to fizzle, it is your now your turn to hop in and enjoy the pleasant colors and the smells.

It is upon you to decide the length of your bath, but at least 20 minutes’ stay in the bathtub will make the CBD effective. Staying too long in a tub can be risky for your skin as it can dry it, so spent a maximum of 30 minutes in your bath.

Homemade bath bombs

It is not easy to find cheap bath bombs, relax; you can make yours at home. It is fun to make bath bombs at home, as this will allow you to tailor them to your taste.

Before you decide on which essential oils to use in your bath bomb, conduct a little research about crucial oils effects to find which ones perfectly suits your needs. You can visit for more details.

Ingredients for making CBD Chillaxation Bath Bomb

· ¼ cup of citric acid

· ½ cup of baking soda

· ¼ cup of corn starch

· ¼ cup of Epsom salt

· 1-1/2 teaspoons water

· 6-10 drops of essential oil (your preferred choice)

· One teaspoon of coconut oil

· Food color (optional)

· ¼ teaspoon CBD oil


1. Combine all the dry ingredients in a medium bowl, whisk together until it has no clumps

2. Combine the wet ingredients in a small bowl and stir thoroughly until CBD oil thoroughly distributes.

3. Slowly pour the wet ingredients into the bowl containing dry ingredients as you stir

4. Squeeze a small amount on your hand; if it sticks together, it is ready; if not, add little drops of water until you get the right consistency, add food color if you want.

5. Pack your mixture in half molds until there is a light overflow. Press together the mold haves and hold firmly for a few seconds

6. Twist gently and remove the half mold that is on top and leave the bomb for least 20 minutes to dry, and then turn it upside down to remove it from the bath bomb.

7. Let the bath bomb to dry for 24 hours, and it’s ready to use.


Many people now are adopting the culture of self-care. They are now intentional in making “me time,” taking time to make themselves happy, experience love and care to ease all the tensions of a busy and tiresome day.

Baths are useful regardless of the ingredients. Hot water helps to improve blood flow, clearing sinuses, and opening up the skin pores. Using CBD bath bombs in a long hot long bath can help you in unwinding after a long stressful day.

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