Vape Pen, A Pen Everybody Needs This Pandemic

It is safe to say that this pandemic has made things stressful for everyone, with mass lockdowns and travel restrictions. As a result, more people are working from home and having trouble managing their thoughts, stress, and tension. Such undue pressure increases the likelihood of individuals getting addicted to harmful substances. Such elevated tension levels are one of the most significant contributing factors to individuals picking up unhealthy habits.

Seven out of ten smokers express desires to quit but are unaware of how to do so effectively. Vaping is a quick, easy and effective alternative that can help people cease smoking. Additionally, it can also introduce them to the benefits of CBD. Can an awesome CBD vape kit help make this pandemic a little more bearable? Read on to learn more about the basics of vaping and how it can make our lives a little easier.

What is a Vape Pen?

An alternative to smoking, vaping is a quick method of ingestion that leads to effective absorption of cannabidiol within our body. Vaping has become a viral trend in recent years due to it having fewer adverse effects when compared to smoking. When using a vape pen, individuals inhale the vapor of the juice, CBD oil, or nicotine rather than the conventional smoke. A vape pen is an electronic device that heats a liquid until it aerosolizes so that the consumer can inhale the fumes that arise.

As a result, this form of ingestion allows the users to choose what liquid they wish to aerosolized. While specific smokers stick to nicotine-laced substances, many have switched over to CBD-infused juices. Additionally, several shops now offer flavored, non-addictive juices for a unique vaping experience. Cannabidiol has risen as a popular choice as it possesses various therapeutic and medicinal benefits.

A Pen Everybody Needs This Pandemic

Why Use Cannabidiol in Your Vape Pens?

Vaping such hemp extracts have become popular because it is one of the easiest ways to consume cannabinoids. While the hemp market offers various edibles and products infused with cannabidiol, how our body absorbs it differs according to ingestion. Bioavailability is a measure of the proportion of the substance consumed to the product absorbed by the body. Any compound we ingest is only as good as the amount that enters our bloodstream. While medications provided intravenously have 100% bioavailability, this isn’t the case with other ingestion methods.

When we consume CBD as pills, capsules, or edibles, they have to travel through our digestive system before entering our bloodstream. Not only does this take longer, but it can also lead to the body being unable to absorb a large quantity of hemp. Certain compounds break down into dormant elements as it passes through our digestive system. Hence, the overall effectiveness of hemp becomes compromised in such cases, leading to it having less impact on us. That is why consumers are looking for ingestion methods that offer higher levels of bioavailability.

Vaping might be the answer to such searches as it offers a stunning 70% bioavailability, which is one of the highest achievable. In comparison, smoking cannabidiol produces 30% bioavailability, whereas oral consumption ensures only between 6% to 20%. Hence, it is easy to see why consumers are gravitating towards this method of consuming hemp extracts. Not only does this method ensure higher absorption, but it also enables consumers to feel the effects of CBD quickly.

Benefits of Vaping CBD

  1. Cannabidiol, unlike THC, does not have any mind-altering properties which lead to elevation of anxiety or paranoia. Hence, consumers can enjoy the benefits of marijuana without suffering from hallucinations or intoxication when they vape this hemp extract.
  2. Vaping such products can instill a sense of well-being and calmness by allowing our body and mind to relax. It essentially calms our nerves and aids in the treatment of anxiety and depression.
  3. The analgesic properties of such extracts have made them effective pain-relievers. As a result, vaping such products can help individuals suffering from chronic pain arising due to various ailments.
  4. Hemp extracts possess anti-inflammatory properties that make them effective against joint problems like arthritis. Such products can treat both acute and chronic inflammation, helping in soother joints and ease swelling.
  5. Frequent gym-goers and athletes may sometimes need help relaxing their muscles and soothing aches. Cannabidiol is an excellent muscle relaxant that can promote and aid muscle recovery.  As a result, using such products after a strenuous workout at the gym can make it easier for you to train harder by preventing muscular injuries.
  6. The anti-addictive properties of such extracts have led to them being a popular remedy for substance abuse. Studies have proven that they have the power to rewire our circuitry and prevent urges and reduce dependency on harmful substances.
  7. Unlike chemical drugs, cannabis and hemp extracts are organic and natural products that are safe to use. Such substances offer few adverse side effects and are not addictive, unlike over-the-counter medication that poses several risks.
A Pen Everybody Needs This Pandemic

How Vape Pens Can Improve this Pandemic

Hemp extracts have the power to calm our nerves and aids the treatment of anxiety and depression. Both these mental health issues have plagued individuals during this pandemic. Many people have been left alone in their homes, unable to travel to their loved ones, leading to a feeling of isolation. Coupled with the stress arising from work, individuals are having trouble relaxing and maintaining a healthy mind. Inhaling cannabidiol can help treat anxiety and depression by clearing our minds and preventing the accumulation of stress and negative thoughts.

Additionally, individuals struggling with painful conditions might be finding it challenging to wait out this pandemic. However, cannabidiol can help manage chronic pain, thanks to its analgesic properties. As a result, vaping products infused with such extracts can help individuals manage their pain and reduce their dependence on store-bought drugs. The ant-depressant and anxiolytic properties of such products arise from their ability to interact with our neurotransmitters and receptors. CBD has the power to target and promote the production of serotonin while inhibiting that of cortisol. As a result, individuals prone to high stress levels feel a sense of well-being and calmness, leading to improved moods.

Final Thoughts

As we all know, this pandemic has been a very stressful time for everyone around us. While certain people have mechanisms to cope with undue pressure and stress, others aren’t quite that lucky. As a result, many people have slumped into unhealthy habits and ways of life that are detrimental to their long-term well-being. Relying on more natural methods of pain relief and anxiety management can help individuals get through this pandemic. Vape pens can, therefore, act as allies in this fight against negativity and pain. However, like with all products, consumers need to research the market beforehand and invest in high-quality products. Do you want to learn more about vape pens and how to buy the best ones? Follow this space for updates on the benefits of hemp and what to look for in vape pens!

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