Augvape Mass Mods S2 Squonk Review

The new S2 mechanical ‘style’ squonk mod is a coordinated effort among Augvape and top of the line squonking group Mass Mods. Mass Mods hail from California USA and have discharged two or three gadgets, specifically the CS1 mechanical squonker and the UA1 unregulated parallel mod – both around the $200 mark – just as the Axial RDA.

What is offered in S2 Squonker?

In spite of the S2 having MOSFET insurance, this is as yet a mechanical mod and should just be utilized by cutting edge vapers with the learning of Ohms Law – I’ll handle this in a minute. This is a solitary 18650 gadget with no menu or power choice and accompanies only one 8.5ml squonk bottle, and most 25mm squonk prepared atomizers will fit with no shade. Not significantly more to state extremely separated from this was sent to me for nothing out of pocket with the end goal of this survey straightforwardly from Augvape – thank you – and as forever my considerations and assessments are unaffected by complimentary gifts.

Inside the Box

s2  squonker box

x1 S2 squonk mod

x1 guarantee card

x1 8.5ml squonk bottle

s2 substance

Special Features

  • Single 18650 battery
  • Mechanical ‘style’ yield
  • MOSFET security
  • 8.5ml limit
  • Gold plated contact focuses
  • Reasonable for 25mm and underneath squonk atomizers

Basic Features of the Vape:

Alright, this is classed as a mechanical ‘style’ mod – as such, there is a tad of assurance. For this situation, its MOSFET assurance – you can see the protected wires running from within the change to the board underneath – which I expect has been blessed to receive oppose any fluid getting inside.

As regulars know I’m minimally specialized among the EcigClick group and a snappy Google demonstrated to me that a MOSFET is:

“The MOSFET also is known as Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor is a three-terminal semiconductor gadget which is broadly utilized for exchanging and intensifying electronic flag in the electronic gadgets.”

Build Quality

The S2 is a carbon copy of the Mass Mods top of the line squonker – we’re talking $200 – the main genuine distinction being the degree of insurance inside. It additionally had a LED battery marker, yet separated from the internals and board, they seem to be indistinguishable. I truly like the plan and feel of this one – moderate so slam into my style of mods. The Mass Mods logo is on one of the removable entryways while the Augvape logo looks especially boss stepped into the side. The doors are polarized with a tight accommodated that is incredibly strong with positively no development, except if you’re holding it by the sides when squonking as the backboard can push out. Anyway like I said you need to hold it in an unusual manner for that to occur! Exquisite clean internals as well, including entirely unmistakable + and – signs for your battery. The wires are uncovered and while fixed they do feel somewhat thin for need of a superior word.

  Pros Cons
Superb form quality A 20700 battery choice
Incredible moderate designing Slight deferral is terminating
Entirely agreeable in the hand Board is available to juice spills
Great squonk bottle No extra squonk bottle
MOSFET insurance  


Better believe it, I surmise this style of squonk mod is a little a year ago, nonetheless, trust me it destroys the Pulse arrangement of mech squonkers for looks, manufacture quality, and somewhat execution. What I can say is even now the audit is done and cleaned, this one is likely going to be one of my go-to mods for a long while to come – particularly when out on the town. I truly like it that much – and it truly is agreeable in the hand – light yet intense as well. I would have loved an extra squonk bottle in the case – I have attempted several mine and none fit appropriately. So that is correct, it may be somewhat dated, yet in case you’re searching for incredible plan – magnificent form quality at a phenomenal value, I profoundly suggest this one as both a blender mod or undoubtedly one to appreciate down the bar.

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