VaporFi E-juice Review

VaporFi is undoubtedly the best e-liquid supplier on the market today. Autonomic flavors are great and allow users to create their own blends, with more than 30,000 combinations of different flavors available. The safety standards and packaging is excellent. VaporFi is e-liquid and e-cigarette manufacturers. The company has its own production registered laboratory and all the formulas are registered with the FDA. For the benefit of its E-Jewish customers, VaporFi is also KOSHER CLASS. Some of the top e-juices are listed below.

VaporFi E-juice Review

vaporfi ejuice reviewNuts over Caramel Apples

Sweet and Fruity

Worth: $ 15.99 / 30ml bottle

The winner of the “Mix of the Month” chosen by VaporFi from the many blends that are blended to their customers, this is a unique blend of nuts, caramel and apple that is perfect and skillfully blended together To create a gorgeous taste of e-liquid.

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vaporfi ejuice reviewTobacco Cherry Bomb

Chocolate and Tobacco Taste

Worth: $ 15.99 / 30ml bottle

This one is for the fans of tobacco flavors because it improves the taste of classic driving with a unique blend of sweet cherries and flavors from earthy tobacco.

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vaporfi ejuice reviewPina Cooler

Fruity and Cool

Worth: $ 15.99 / 30ml bottle

Fans of menthol love the freshness of the mint added to a double punch Pina Colada. Taking one puff takes you to the Caribbean.

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vaporfi ejuice reviewSouthern Hospitality

Alcoholic and Fruity

Worth: $ 15.99 bottle / 30ml

Described as “an adult version of sweet peach tea,” Southern Hospitality is a unique blend of bourbon and peaches that can help the nerves exhausted smoothly.

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vaporfi ejuice reviewWatermelon Mojito

Fresh and Cool

Worth: $ 15.99 / 30ml bottle

By mixing mojitos and watermelon, user gets a chilling e-liquid which gives a refreshing feeling.

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vaporfi ejuice reviewStrawberry Milk

Creamy and Sweet

Worth: $ 15.99 / 30ml bottle

Would you like the taste of a milkshake with strawberries without the calories? Strawberry milk is a mixture of strawberries and vanilla to perfection whipped, in a mixture that is simply wonderful.

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vaporfi ejuice reviewLemon Apple Candy Crushreser

Fruity and Sweet

Worth: $ 15.99 / 30ml bottle

People who like fruity flavors would definitely like candy appletini. It is a mixed fruity with a sweet candy overload!

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Food Quality Ingredients

In addition to food quality ingredients, they are approved by GRAS and made with “best ingredients to ensure the food quality” for inhaling to ensure the safety and health of the customer. All the products are free-diacetyl, which is very good news. In addition to its high quality standards, a service that combines VaporFi’s proprietary blends from other manufacturers is a personalized e-liquid blend in the customer’s own unique blends, with over 30,000 combinations of flavors.

Bottles and Taste

VaporFi individual mixtures come in high-quality bottles with caps for children and are available in bottles of 10 ml (for package samples) and bottles of 30 ml. Depending on how you Vape, a 30 ml bottle is good for about a week or two. The labeling of bottles is simple, but elegant, which display nicotine and other information.

PG / VG 70/30 Standard

Buyers can choose a ratio of VG/PG 50/50, 30/70 or MAX VG , which is especially useful for the more VAPERS clouds. In addition, for sub-ohm vapers, there is also a Grand Reserve Collection which a company recently introduced. It provides pre-impregnated fluid programs with a ratio of PG / VG 40/60. It is also available in 0.3 mg a nicotine level which is perfect for under ohm vaping. Standard nicotine values ​​are 0.0%, 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4%, and 3.6%. They offer a good selection of strengths that meet the taste of most vapers. Taste groups are divided into five:

  1. Tobacco
  2. Menthol
  3. Dessert
  4. Fruit
  5. Others (for example “sports drink”)

As expected, vapor production is of the highest quality. Soft and dense, the ratio of PG / VG 70/30 produces large clouds, which is reported in the PG / VG 40/60 book collection.

How to choose the right ejuice for your tank?

You are not convinced yet? It is more. A feature that sets VaporFi to higher levels of the championship of e-liquid is the mix of the month club. For only $ 15.99 a month, members get a taste of blend-of-the month specially created without a run, with monthly delivery to the doorstep. And there are other advantages, including:

  • Exclusive access to new flavors before publication
  • The ability to criticize the flavors to help them improve
  • Competition for members with great prizes
  • Exclusive discounts for batteries, tanks, kits and many others

Long story short – Summary

With more than 30,000 combinations of flavors, either individual or mixed by the customers, VaporFi blends exceeds the size of all e-liquid manufacturers of the size of your choice. The flavors are also very good and manufactured in the United States and approved by the FDA, USP quality ingredients to ensure high quality e-liquid.

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