How to choose the right ejuice for your tank?

Very often we hear “What is the right ejuice for my tank?” And then usually we say: “Well, it really depends on…”

As you might already anticipate, there are countless of factors to take into account and it’s almost impossible to name the one right solution for all situations. So we will give you information which will help you to find the right e-juice to get the best vaping experience!

How to choose the right ejuice for your tank?

The hardware

As you might know there is different kind of vape tanks available on the market. As you are looking for the best vaping experience we draw out 2 types of tanks:

  • mouth-to-lung tanks (MTL)
  • sub-ohm tanks – as you only have to fill them with e-juice and they either come with pre-made coils

Mouth-to-lung (MTL) VS sub-ohm tanks

MTL Sub-ohm
Provide more like smoking experience Available with coils < 1.0ohm
Narrow drip tips Larger e-juice flow
Factory built coils Adjustable airflow (from closed to wide open)
Usually more limited e-juice flow & airflow Wider drip tips
Better with higher PG e-juices and lower VG e-juices More intense lung hit and the amount of vapor
Consume less e-juice & battery Consume more e-juice & battery

The e-juice

For MTL tanks

Basically, the e-juice is like motor oil for a car:

  • If you like to push the limits with your car – higher performance means more heat, which demand higher viscosity oil.
  • If you are a Sunday driver – Lower performance means less heat and you might need more conservative oil.

So MTL vaping basically is more enjoyable at lower heat. MTL vape tanks don’t demand high e-juice flow to provide a good vaping experience. In more simple words – by using e-juice of 50% PG or higher – your MTL tank should provide the ultimate vaping experience!

QUOTE: Use 50% or higher PG for Mouth-to-lung tanks (MTL)

Theoretically, you can also use less than 50% PG in your MTL tank, but it doesn’t mean that you should. I also would like to be a ballerina, but my weight is more than 80kg. As the e-juice flow is limited you will have a bigger chance to get dry hits.

For Sub-ohm tanks

Sub-ohm vape tanks require higher heat and VG e-juice, as sub-ohm vaping is more for thicker vapor performance. E-juices with higher VG are more dense & viscous. And together with wider e-juice flow it results in some serious clouds.

QUOTE: Use 50% or higher VG for Sub-ohm tanks


Most often vaping beginners choose the higher PG and nicotine level together with some starter kits, cig-a-likes and similar. It’s probably natural, that new vapers prefer higher nicotine level as they most often just quit smoking. But, please, remember – if you don’t want to get a bad vaping experience, don’t use high nicotine e-juices for sub-ohm vape tanks. Why? Because they provide huge boost of vapor and nicotine what might lead to unpleasant and frighteningly puffs.

QUOTE: Avoid high nicotine e-juice for sub-ohm tanks

Imagine last time when you smoked cigarette and now multiply taken nicotine by 3 or 5. So in place of 1 cigarette you have smoked 3 or 5 cigarettes at the same time. Sound scary, right? So try to avoid high nicotine level in sub-ohm tanks.

QUOTE: To substitute smoking by vaping avoid e-juices with VG more than 50% and terms like “max”, “sauce” or “drip”


Adjustable airflow

As you might notice, in the latest years adjustable airflow has become as a standard for almost every vape tank (incl. MTL and Sub-ohm). And there is a simple reason for that – Adjustable airflow allows vapers to adjust their vapes.  So not only with e-juice, power or TC you can control your device, but also with airflow.

In more simple words – Every car needs an air to run a motor. And most often it means: more air = higher engine performance. The same applies for vapes.

Long story short – Summary

If your vaping setup and e-juice already provide a great vaping experience, then you have found the right combination.

But if you are still looking for the best combination, remember, in the vaping there are almost no determined words like right or wrong. At the end everything sum up for what you enjoy and what not. What one vaper can like, other vaper can dislike.

We hope that at least some above information was useful for you and will help to improve your vaping experience. Don’t hesitate and share your thoughts and experience in comments below!

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