New Year Resolution Switching to Vaping for 2018

Wondering what your 2018 New Year resolution would sound like? Don’t want to make that mistake of making a resolution just out of some compulsion! Joining a gym, regular exercise, reading books, or traveling is such cliché New Year resolutions. Try something extraordinary, try something different this New Year 2018. Switch to vaping as your New Year’s resolution. This is January – the first month of the New Year 2018. This is the perfect time to quit smoking, start vaping and take care of yourself!!!

If you always wondered about giving up on smoking and start a healthy lifestyle, give vaping a try and see for yourself. Even if you are not a smoker, there is no harm in trying vaping as a hobby and delicacy.

For the hard-core smokers, we bet switching to vaping will be as satisfying as traditional smoking; in fact, it will be an even healthier way of smoking. Giving up on a traditional cigarette could take tremendous willpower if a substitute or alternative is not available. You can look at vaping as the substitute, something which we promise you will enjoy way more than a traditional cigarette.

The health benefits of E Cigs are way more in number as compared to traditional Cigs. So why not think of switching to vaping as your New Year’s resolution?

If you are a vaper in practice, then this New Year 2018 expand your vaping horizon, reach out to others, try products that you always dreamed of, get in a vaping competition, and have the best vaping time of your life! All this in the New Year 2018!

What is Vaping?

  • Technically speaking, vaping is inhaling the vapor produced during the heating of E-liquid (vape juice) in an E Cig (electronic device).
  • While vaping the vaper inhales vapor, while in smoking the smoker inhales smoke. There is a big difference between vape and smoke.
  • Vape is nothing but vapor containing flavor, while smoke, typically produced by a traditional cig, contains tobacco vapor along with Carbon Monoxide.
  • For a beginner’s guide to vaping, read this blog.

Why Switching to Vaping?

  • Vaping has innumerable health benefits over smoking.
  • The first and foremost health benefit is that it can be substituted for smoking avoiding all clinically proven ill effects of smoking.
  • The second most important health benefit is that while vaping you totally avoid inhaling Carbon Monoxide.
  • There is a tremendous variety of vape juice today. You can even mix Nicotine in your vape juice and enjoy the tobacco flavor.
  • A study shows that with vaping you avoid exposure to 97% of chemicals as compared to a traditional cigarette.
  • Vaping is the next generation smoking.

The Vaping Community

  • The vaping community across the globe is huge and steadily growing.
  • As per Euromonitor International, the latest estimate of vapers around the globe in 2017 was 20.8 million users.
  • The United States’ alone make up 43.2% of vaper community in the world.
  • This increase in vaping community is not by chance but because of its obvious health benefits over smoking.
  • Today, vapers have a global presence and vaping products can be easily accessed in many countries. Many countries are actively promoting vaping which has also contributed to the rise in the number of vapers.
  • Buying vaping products is an easy, hassle-free, and enjoyable process; thanks to web-stores such as VapingZone- e-cigarette store.

Switching to Vaping – Health Benefits of Vaping

  • The vaping technology brings to us the best alternative to smoking. You can be sure and raise the toast to not smoking as the New Year 2018 begins.
  • Once you start vaping, the first thing you will realize is that you will not experience coughing as often experienced while smoking.
  • Vaping, as opposed to smoking, is devoid of ill effects of tobacco such as cancer. Vaping offers to you the best alternative to smoking while you still enjoy your smoking cravings.
  • Vaping has turned out to be a miraculous technology especially for chain smokers who consume at least two packets of cigarettes every day.
  • While vaping you also minimize secondary smoking, hence minimize the risk posed by passive smoking on your friends and family.
  • With vaping you totally avoid that bad smoke odor that lingers around your body after smoking. That smell could really turn off people around you.
  • Once you switch to vaping, you will realize an improvement in your oral health. Your teeth will start gaining their natural coloration.

Switching to Vaping – Be Green, Go Green

  • If you are environment conscious, it is your moral responsibility to switch to vaping. Vaping is way more environmentally friendly than smoking.
  • While smoking, traditional cigarettes produce numerous toxic gases including Carbon Monoxide. The making of traditional cigarettes includes paper that comes from trees. Used cigarette butts pose a serious environmental threat. These butts are considered as polythene bags, a having a similar environmental impact.
  • Vaping does not produce toxic gases. The E Cigs are reusable units, hence the litter produced is minimal.
  • While switching to vaping you also switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle, an added bonus of switching to vaping as your New Year resolution.

Switching to Vaping – Spend Less, Save More

Switching to Vaping

  • Finance is always a limiting factor whether you are rich or poor. Most of the smokers do not realize this but smoking can cost you almost half of your income.
  • Studies show that smokers generally spend 40% of their income on smoking, which is a huge piece of their income pie.
  • The price of traditional cigarette is high because of not only its manufacturing cost but also several government taxes imposed on it.
  • Vaping is relatively affordable and cheaper. Vaping requires a one-time investment in buying E Cig and you can keep on refilling the vape juice as per your requirement and choice.
  • Not to forget that you will save a huge chunk of money on your medical bills once you adopt the healthy alternative to smoking.

Switching to Vaping – Being Yourself, Being Free

  • Vaping is not only an alternative to smoking but also a way to be emotionally at peace and independent.
  • With the switch to vaping, you will enjoy the life in its purest form. Those who avoided you because of your smoking habits will no longer have a reason to be away from you.
  • Once you switch to vaping, you will not have to worry about ‘Smoking Zones’ or getting your cigarette stock up to date or a mint after smoke.
  • Your social and personal life will be improved a lot once you quit smoking.
  • As you vape more you will find that there is much more variety in vaping. As they say, variety is the spice of life; you will never ever miss this variety once the switch.
  • Vaping will restore your confidence in facing people and situations. You will no more have to hide or be alone. You can be yourself, be free, and enjoy life.

For Practicing Vapers – Time for Makeover!

  • For all those vapers out there, the New Year 2018 calls for a change-over in your vaping gadgets and juices.
  • Clear out your old products and try the latest E Cigs that often are way more superior in efficiency than their old counterparts.
  • This is the chance to try out your dream vaping product. We know you have marked your dream product on your wish list. Simply buy it!
  • Clearing out does not mean throwing away! You can keep these old products and antiques and try them whenever you have a vapers’ get-together.

For Practicing Vapers – Time to Reach Out!

  • Since you are a regular vaper, you know your vaping the best! If you are a smoker converted to vaping, then you are the best judge of vaping’s health benefits.
  • Don’t limit your knowledge; rather reach out to others who may need your help. There are many around you who want to quit smoking. You can be their guide and counselor. You can be the change-maker in their life.
  • Outreach is one thing but it is also an opportunity to meet like-minded people and start a vaping community.

 For Practicing Vapers – Jump out of Your Comfort Zone!

  • Everyone likes to keep what they like the most. This New Year 2018, make a resolution to try different vape juice flavors out of your comfort zone.
  • If you do not explore vaping, there is no way you will find the real spice in it. So, check for vape juice online, and try something that you have never tried before.
  • Maybe a bit expensive but this New Year 2018; try one of the gourmet vape juice for those special occasions.
  • If you could simply look around you will find that there is a tremendous variety of new vape juices; there are even your mood-specific vape juices in the market nowadays.

For Practicing Vapers – Make it a Sport!

  • Till date, you may be vaping as a hobby or relaxing activity. This New Year 2018, get into the real game of vaping!
  • Take part in vaping competitions organized locally. Meet vapers around your neighborhood and enjoy the real fun of vaping.
  • You can also organize a local vaping friendly event. Such events can serve dual purposes – outreach on vaping and meeting new vaper friends.

For Practicing Vapers – Play it Safe!

  • Last year, there were several incidences reported on battery safety throughout the world. This New Year 2018, read more on battery safety and keep in mind the limitations of your E Cig battery.
  • Vaping in fun only when you are aware of possible mishaps and how to avoid them.

Let the New Year 2018 be the safest year for the whole vaping community. This means the safety starts with you!

The New Year gives you a chance to re-discover yourself and bring out the best in you. It is this time when you are thinking of a new phase or project, and it is the best time to start one.

If you are a smoker, give it a try to vaping as your New Year’s resolution and we assure you that you will never regret this decision.

Switching to vaping from smoking will give you the power to re-define yourself; it will be your bit of contribution towards an eco-friendly lifestyle; and a way to get back what you may have lost due to your smoking habit.

If you are a practicing vaper, then you are already in the right place to start exploring the vaping world. You know you could do much more than just vaping for your own pleasure.

The New Year 2018, make it a point to try out new vaping products, your dream vaping product; reach out and talk to smokers who may start a healthier lifestyle by switching to vaping; jump out of your comfort zone and explore vaping; and last but not least, make vaping your game!

On behalf of VapingZone, we wish you all a smoke-free and green New Year 2018.

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