Best E-juice, Vape Juice and E-Liquid on The Market

We have grouped some of the best e-juices on the vaping market into different categories. If you are a beginner or even experienced, then take a look at some of the tastiest brands and juice vendors below. Our selected e-juice suppliers must respect the budget and needs of all for the perfect vape. Below you will find great scents all day long. Remember that this is based entirely on our personal opinion of the e-juices that we personally tried. I’m sure many will disagree, but that’s just our personal list and is more for beginners! The e-juice brands and suppliers below are all that we personally reviewed and tested. We do not recommend electronic juice that we did not personally test. All are very high quality electronic liquids in clean rooms. We think it’s important to find a high quality electronic juice you can trust.

But, if you are new to vaping we suggest you to read “What is E-liquid“.

Best E-juices on The Market

Chalkdust by Charlie

best e-juice

Charlie’s Chalkdust has already established a cult in the vape game. Best known for its classic black and white bottles, Charlies Chalkdust screams elegance. The juice meets its name with flavors that are rich in sophistication, without being too demanding. Whether you are looking for a sweet and sour taste of apple candies or a rich vanilla cream, Charlie is your man. The White Label line focuses on sweet candy flavors, while the Black Label is for dessert lovers.

Advantages Disadvantages
Complex aromas No menthol flavor available
Large selection of fruits / desserts
Smart packaging
Good reputation
Brand diversity

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Vape Pink

best e-juice

If you’re looking for a vape of juice that will bring you back, try Vape Pink. Every taste is carefully designed to satisfy that Vaping with a sweet tooth. I could even conjure up childhood memories if you ate raw cookie dough, if you thought no one was watching. Butter Cookie is a very special blend that gets addictive as soon as you try it. It’s really good. Currently they have three varieties available. An oatmeal biscuit bathed in milk, a version of this popular rose candy and, last but not least, a Sherbert Whip Rainbow treats. The bottles are funny and attractive, and the juice retains this energy. If you like cute, think pink!

Advantages Disadvantages
Addictive aroma profiles Currently only three flavors are available
Attractive pink bottles
Made in an ISO-8 laboratory
At a reasonable price
Recommended for sugar lovers

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Naked 100

best e-juice

From time to time we find an e-liquid company that holds it 100. Naked, despite his silly name, falls into this category.  All Naked 100 E-Liquids are light or very light. They are not, like many others, loaded with artificial sweeteners. Naked 100 offers exotic fruit flavors with natural flavors, sweets, tobacco and menthol. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll understand why Naked 100 is on that list.

Advantages Disadvantages
Variety of flavors Only available in VG / PG 70/30 ratio
Well designed
Attractive brand
Pleasant aroma

Get Naked 100 E-juice

Halo High VG

best e-juice

There was not really much time in the history of the Vaping when Halo was not considered a big brand. Although they have updated their appearance and added new flavors (and some have even been removed), Halo is still there. You remain a leading professional e-juice company with excellent customer service and a large number of high-quality e-juice flavors. Halo Type V flavors go in the same tradition as Halo PG flavors, but V flavors have many more practical uses in 2016. And, by adding this amazing line of high quality VG to your menu, all those who like to avoid a lot of PG can Halo try out. There are currently 14 V-Type fragrances available in 30 ml and 10 ml bottles. The percentages of nicotine are 0, 1.5, 3, 6 and 12 mg / ml.

Advantages Disadvantages
Complete replication of your previous PG variants All PG flavors are not on the VG line
Delicious aromas of desserts
Cool new logos
The option to buy a force of 1.5 mg / ml and many more
Great reward system that can save you money

Get Halo High VG E-juice

Dinner Lady

best e-juice

The dinner lady quickly made a name for themselves last year. They made a big appearance with their initial orientation. All flavors have paid tribute to popular English desserts such as rice pudding with jam and cereal cake. Its aromas are balanced and decadent, but not too sweet. Other flavors include lemon cake and strawberry cream. If you like the flavors of desserts, but you are tired of everything that exists, try this. Dinner Lady now also has a range of tropical flavors and tobacco!

Advantages Disadvantages
Balanced and thought-out No Menthol Taste
Not too sweet
Good variety
Attractive brand
Original flavors

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What is E-liquid or E-juice? And Where to Get It?

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