VaporFi VIPER Tank Review

Viper has a 4 ml tank for use with the VOX or we can say VEX, it very is practical and stylish.

VaporFi VIPER Tank Review

It Fits Everywhere

It can be used with Vape mods which are made by manufacturers including China’s largest companies such as,

It is available in black or stainless steel and the features that VaporFi has given to Viper Tank are fantastic. It supports many levels of temperature and output power and looks good in each of them.


Good News from Top to Bottom

If you would like to increase the airflow then this Viper offers two control rings,

  1. On the bottom
  2. On the top

Why anyone would compromise if they can have the both ways? These two rings accurately regulate the airflow as well as allow vapers to cool down and to choose the direct inhalation.

From Above

The Viper is filled from the above/top, just like all the modern sub ohm tanks. There are no more problems with the dripping tanks. All the discomfort is now gone because of the top filling. This large glass window offers a view of the juice which means you can easily check when refilling is needed without leakages.

Ohm Flexibility

It supplies vapers with 2 resistance levels coils, which are

  1. 5 ohms which is spare
  2. 2 ohms which has stainless steel

It is compatible with temperature control devices such as VEX and VOX. You can also change the flow of juice to change the procedure further. Produces the best taste possible determine the airflow and the flow of juice.


The parts of the Viper are removable, not disposable and that’s the main thing we like the most.  You are supposed to keep the tank clean, because that’s how to get the best taste. It depends on how you feel about germs. Moreover, when the parts are broken, they can be replaced instead of replacing an entire tank.

In a kit

There are some great kits that include Viper tank as well as e-juice. It offers the possibility to order your starter kit with one of a selection of tanks. You can choose a Vibe, Viper or even Venom RDA, they all are visually engaging with the VEX. The Viper is for $5 and is bigger than the Venom and Vibe as well.

Make a mixture of your own traditional varieties of tobacco or menthol flavor or choose one from the list that VaporFi shows, like Energy Drink, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Watermelon Wave, Glazed Donut.


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