VaporFi Vulk Tank Review

Sub-ohm-tanks are the hottest topics these days and the good reason behind it is a performance. It is exactly what many vapers are after because it fulfills the promise of great vaping, amazing taste, clouds and options galore. I would like to introduce the Vulk Tank. I had the opportunity to consider virtually the whole range of goods and VaporFi e-liquids to see a new reservoir on the market that interested me! OK, we are looking for a high design 5ml filling which manages a selection of two large vertical coil ceramics tri-parallel which seem to be packed with cotton. So let’s take a look on VaporFi Vulk Tank Review.

VaporFi Vulk Tank Review

Specifications and kit content:

Inside The Box

  • One tank VaporFi Vulk (pre-installed 0.2 Ohm Atomizer)
  • One VaporFi Vulk 0.6 Ohm ceramic replacement Atomizer
  • Two O-rings
  • Drip-tip adapter (510)
  • User manual

vaporfi vulk tank reviewSpecifications

  • Diameter 26 mm
  • High filling container design
  • 1/8 turn of the locking ring
  • Double filling Ports
  • The capacity 5ml Vape juice
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Three auxiliary absorption holes
  • Adjustable lower airflow
  • Atomizer VaporFi Vulk 0.6 Ohm
  • Coil material: Kanthal
  • Rated power: 50W to 100W
  • Sandwich reverse coil style
  • Ceramic coating ports
  • Kanthal atomizer VaporFi Vulk 0.2 Ohm
  • Tri-coil construction parallel (per roll)


The VaporFi Vulk is all about its achievement and became a dream come true. It provides a wild ride vaping, a massive number of adjustments, much higher filling capacity of 5ml for all vapers all day and endurance can withstand 200 watts of power. It is an animal designed to carry all your dreams to a new high level vaping. Steam production is outstanding and nothing less than giant. 0.6ohm coil tops at 100 watts, while the 0.2ohm airy height reaches 200 watts.

vaporfi vulk tank reviewStructure

As far as I know about this VaporFi product, it is solidly built and with a diameter of 26 mm comfortably aboard its powerful mod.  Currently available in silver and black and no word about plans to launch a European version of 2 ml friendly, Vulk Tank is impressive with rugged stainless steel. It was designed with a shell diameter of 26 mm for comfort and function. It also includes a 1/8 turn locking ring to lock the filler opening in place, so you never accidentally spill liquids and leaks. Double fill opening allows excellent and convenient filling. There are three auxiliary holes and ceramic connections to handle some of the best e-liquid.

Vaping Experience

This atomizer was made to produce a vapor production and fine flavor through each stroke. There are two atomizers to choose from and each has no problems to shoot watts up to 200. 0.6 Ohm atomizer at 100 watts and is equipped with a sandwich-coil configuration style, which is very nice to strengthen the capacity of the flavor of the tank. Provide additional power range capabilities, coil Kanthal Volk 0.2 ohms was made to deliver the clouds, a very thick and dense vapor quality. A coil of three parallel provides long-term benefits, since this design go very far, these coils was intended to take long, Less changes means less effort and more vaping.

Long story short – Summary

So if you are in the market to search the high performance tank with regard to sub ohm tank and the taste of steam resistance then the VaporFi Vulk Tank would match your mod. This reservoir vaping performance is more than you could ever before, so if you want something more intense and extreme then go for it without any hesitation.

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