Vaping and Subwoofers: A New Trend Is Coming

Let’s face it, huge clouds of vapor are something quite spectacular and enchanting. However, seems like that’s not enough for some vapers, as they have started a growing trend: vaping in their cars with powerful subwoofers shaking everything, including the vapor itself.

Wait, what? Vaping next to a subwoofer? That’s right, this is the new activity involving those people who love both loud bass in their rides and chasing clouds.

Vaping and Subwoofers: What Is Happening Here?

Let us explain why do some people love chasing clouds with their subwoofers on. Subwoofers, as you may have heard, are a specialized type of speakers that provide only rich, deep bass sound. A subwoofer actually moves air in low frequency, and in certain conditions it can be even felt as a sensation of pressure. These conditions can be achieved in certain rooms or spaces only, as well as only with powerful sound systems. And, if the moving air is ‘visible’ (i.e., some chunky clouds of vapor are present), one can actually see the movement, especially in slow motion videos. Well, see for yourself:

Although we are not sure about the health effects of extremely powerful subwoofers pounding in near proximity to your ears, you don’t need to worry much about the vaping, as it is now recognized as 95% safer than smoking cigarettes. Whatever the case, these guys seem to enjoy combining their hobbies, and the sight of vapor dancing to the music is certainly magical.

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Despite the intriguing satisfaction brought by subwoofers and vaping, we absolutely do not recommend chasing clouds while driving. Thick, dense clouds coming from sub-ohm tanks and rebuildable atomizers can quickly reduce the visibility to such an extent that you won’t see anything at all through the windshield, and that can easily end up in an accident. Also, make sure that your passengers aren’t vaping as well. Or, at least confiscate their box mods and give them some cig-a-likes during the ride.

And what about you? Do you also love to chase some clouds while listening to a heart-stopping bass? Let us know in the comments!

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