Sexy Girls Vaping: Who is For?

The majority of electronic cigarette users might be guys, but that definitely doesn’t mean that there are no girls who just love a nice vape. What’s more, a considerably large part of these women also don’t hesitate to tinker around some rebuildables, and heavy cloud chasing is what they do on a daily basis. We are sure […]


10 of the Best Vaping Tricks: How To & Videos

Vaping is storming the internet ’ from vape photography, vaping vloggers, community events across the world and of course the rise of the e-cigarette itself. Vaping was actually first invented about 15 years ago, when Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, created a static table version called the Ruyan ’ it was a device that allowed the smoker […]


Vaping and Subwoofers: A New Trend Is Coming

Let’s face it, huge clouds of vapor are something quite spectacular and enchanting. However, seems like that’s not enough for some vapers, as they have started a growing trend: vaping in their cars with powerful subwoofers shaking everything, including the vapor itself. Wait, what? Vaping next to a subwoofer? That’s right, this is the new activity involving those […]