Can Vaping Cause Bad Breath?

Vaping is known as the getaway for a cigarette. Its use involves a cigarette type device commonly known as an e-cigarette. The e-cigarette contains liquid and a battery which heats up the liquids and converts it into vapors which are inhaled by the users. The amount of nicotine and glycogens in the e-cigarettes are 95% less than cigarettes and they have been declared much safer than conventional cigarettes by a recent study of Public Health England. Mostly the liquids can contain flavors but for some enthusiasts, the liquid can contain nicotine as well. Nicotine is normally used by cigarette smokers who are trying to quit smoking and have freshly shifted to vaping. The hit intensity on the throat in Vaping can also be changed by increasing or decreasing the wattage device. Multiple e-cigarettes have different wattage which means that a higher wattage device can be able to produce a higher hit of nicotine for your throat but if you want a lower hit for your throat, you can choose a low wattage e-cigarette as well. Different flavors like mint, banana, lemon, black current and apple etc are available for the taking.


There are different views from different people about vaping and their breath. Most people reported that their bad breath has reduced as compared to the time when they used to smoke. Some people have reported that the problem has completely disappeared and that they are totally free of the bad breath situation when they switched to vaping. Though this has happened on the rarest occasions that some vapors have reported on different forums that they are still having the bad breath condition or that they only get bad breath when they vape. But mostly their claim and problem’s truthfulness is negated by the existing members on those forums. It should be kept in mind that vaping and smoking are not the only reasons that can cause bad breath. Sometimes the human biology is also the reason behind bad breath e.g. acidity of the stomach, infected throat, sinus or even tonsils. One important thing to keep in mind is that using low-quality liquids, tobacco and flavors have also reported being a cause of bad breath.


Though the vaping community has rarely reported having the bad breath problem, still some preventive steps and precautionary measures can be taken to avoid even the slightest of the possibility. Regular brushing of teeth accompanied with regular flossing is deemed to be very helpful. Plus using a medicinal mouthwash has also been suggested to be helpful in solving the problem. It is also important to see a doctor and look for any problems in the digestive tract and the complete respiratory system. Sometimes acids in the stomach cause bad breath and the person continuously tries to find a solution for bad breath caused by smoking or vaping. Changing the ratio of liquids and tobacco can also help in overcoming the problem. Some people’s bodies are not comfortable with a certain amount of liquid, flavor and or tobacco in their e-cigarettes and changing those ratios to a certain level and to a certain combination has been a permanent solution to their problem. Apart from this, maintaining a good quality control over the flavors, the standard of tobacco and quality rating of the liquid can also be very helpful in preventing the matter.

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