Sub Ohm Vaping Guide

What fan are you? Sub Ohm Vaping or Above Ohm Vaping? Have you ever tried both these methods? Yes, or No, doesn’t really matter! We will discuss this in detail and let us together find what’s better for you.

Everyone talks about vaping, E Cigarette starter kits, vaping tricks, but only a couple of them talk about what type of vaping is good for you! Realizing that there is a lack of information, VapingZone brings to you a guide to Sub Ohm Vaping.

Sub Ohm Vaping Guide aims to provide you detailed and accurate information on Sub Ohm Vaping so that you can decide if Sub Ohm Vaping is the right thing for you.

What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

  • Vaping with the use of a coil having a resistance below one Ohm is called Sub Ohm Vaping.
  • Resistance! What’s that? Electric charge when passes through a conductor such as a vape coil it meets with resistance. The unit of measurement of the resistance is called Ohm, after the physicist Dr. George Ohm.
  • And that’s the simple and short genesis of the name Sub Ohm Vaping.
  • If you are vaping, above one Ohm, it is called Above-Ohm Vaping.
  • What does the lowered resistance actually does? It increases the power output of your E Cig to give more vapor and vape flavor.
  • Finally, Sub Ohm Vaping boils down to lots of clouds!
  • If you are a fan of big clouds or want to try how the clouds feel like then you should definitely try Sub Ohm Vaping. Do not try it just because everyone does it!

How to Sub Ohm Vape?

  • Sub Ohm Vaping is not tricky, but you need first to understand how Sub Ohm Vaping can be achieved.
  • Your E Cig depends on a battery for electric charge. If you decrease overall resistance by using a Sub Ohm coil, you are, in turn increasing the power output (Wattage).
  • The trick is you have to understand as you decrease the resistance you increase amperage your E Cig needs, sometimes straining the ecig battery, increasing the heat your battery and coil generates. This can result in battery explosion or fire.
  • If you understand the vape trick, then you are good to go!
  • In the past, Sub Ohm Vaping used to be a game. Vapers used to assemble their own e cig starter kits, play around with terms like ‘wattage’, ‘amperage’, and ‘coil resistance’. Understanding of Ohm’s law used to be a pre-requisite.
  • However, since the introduction of Sub Ohm vape tanks, the life of an average vaper dreaming of chasing massive clouds has become easier.
  • In short, no more playing around with Ohm’s law, no more trial and error experiments with your old ecig mods. If you want to Sub Ohm Vape, simply go for a Sub Ohm Vape Kit.
  • If you are old-fashioned or of curious mind enough to build your own Sub Ohm tank, then there are still some options left,

Sub Ohm Tanks: No hassle. Best Sub Ohm Tanks are available in the market.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs) aka Drippers: Small customizable devices that attach to mods. A variety of RDAs is available at VapingZone.

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs): Highly customizable Sub Ohm Tanks.

Sub Ohm Vaping Chart

  • As we mentioned, Sub Ohm Vaping could be tricky. If you want to play around with your mods and batteries, you should first understand Ohm’s law.
  • Ohm’s law states the relationship between current (electric charge) through a conductor and voltage (electric potential difference).
  • Current is directly proportional to voltage, governed by a constant of proportionality referred as resistance. The mathematical form looks something like this,

I = V/R

Where, I = current (in amperes), V = voltage (in volts), R = resistance (in ohms).

  • Now, when you have a customizable device where you can adjust voltage, thereby changing the resistance the following Sub Ohm Vaping Chart comes handy.
  • This Sub Ohm Vaping Chart gives you an idea, where to stop. After all, genius is, knowing when to stop!
  • We recommend you keep a copy of this Sub Ohm Vaping Chart in your pocket or save it on your Smartphone or remember the range in which it is safe to Sub Ohm vape to enjoy cloud-chasing to its fullest!

Best Tanks for Sub Ohm Vaping

We, at VapingZone, are always in search of the best of E Cigs. We are constantly examining customer feedback to update our list of top products so that you get what is best.

SMOK, KangerTech, Aspire, and Eleaf are some of the best companies offering a variety of fabulous Sub Ohm Vape Tanks. Here is a list to pick the best suited for you. We recommend experts go for SMOK and Aspire products listed here.

Sub Ohm Vaping Mods, Tanks and Starter Kits

  • SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank: One of the best and the biggest cloud production Sub Ohm Tanks by SMOK. If you review the TFV series of Sub Ohm Tanks by SMOK, you will find that TFV12 Cloud Beast King is the King of all Beasts!
  • SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Vape Tank: Not the biggest Sub Ohm Tanks but rated five stars on VapingZone. Our customers know what is best!
  • SMOK TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank: Slightly smaller in size than TFV8 Cloud Beast, but no less in performance. Popularly known as the Wolverine of Sub Ohm Tanks.
  • Kanger Top Tank Mini: A 4 ml capacity vape tank with ‘top fill’ feature. If you are a Kanger fan then this is the tank which will bring your cloud chasing dreams come true.
  • Eleaf iJust S: A Sub Ohm Tank by Eleaf comes with an intelligent design and 4 ml of e liquid capacity to give you best of vape flavors and clouds.
  • Aspire Cleito 120: A brand-new category in Sub Ohm Tanks called ‘Maxi-Watt Tanks’ brought to you by Aspire. Through Cleito, Aspire gives you full control over the device to switch to tailor-made settings only to enjoy the exceptional flavor and vapor production.

Sub Ohm Vaping Kit

We talked about Sub Ohm Vape Tanks, but to make your life even easier, the giants in E Cig industry have come up with Sub Ohm Vaping Kits.

Just like our top Sub Ohm Tank list, we have a Sub Ohm Vaping Kit list. Here goes,

  • Vaporesso Revenger 220W Starter Kit: Vaporesso Revenger 220 W TC mod starter kit with NRG Sub Ohm Tank is one of best starter kits around. It sets up high standards for a basic kit. Definitely, you don’t want to miss it!
  • SMOK Procolor 225W Starter Kit: SMOK, after rocking the Sub Ohm Vape Tank industry, has come up with a full E Cig kit containing TFV8 Big Baby Beast. This brilliantly designed kit produces an output of 225 W, resulting in high-quality flavor release and massive clouds.
  • Kanger TOPBOX Mini Kit: KangerTech is not far behind on the Sub Ohm Vaping Kit race. Its TOPBOX Mini kit uses Top Tank Mini Sub Ohm Tank. This kit is a starter kit producing 75 W. A relatively cheaper alternative if you are trying Sub Ohm Vaping for the first time.
  • Eleaf iKonn 220w TC Starter Kit: Once again with its intelligent design, Eleaf makes an entry in Sub Ohm Vaping Kits. Its iKonn 220 W E Cig Mod starter kit with Ello Sub Ohm Vape Tank is known for its high performance and user-friendly design.

Sub Ohm Vaping Vs. Regular Vaping

  • We get this a lot! What is the difference between Sub Ohm Vaping and Regular Vaping? Why do you guys always put an asterisk with a risk warning when you talk about Sub Ohm Vaping?
  • Well, it’s simple! Sub Ohm Vaping is not simply adjusting voltage and resistance; it’s more of art! It is an art that you can learn only after taking some risks and carrying out trial-error experiments.
  • We want to reduce the risk factor (heating, battery bursting) and hence this guide!
  • There are obvious differences you will feel when you switch to Sub Ohm Vaping from Regular Vaping.
  • Deeper Hit: When you Sub Ohm Vape, you vape deeper. The vape may go into lungs mimicking the effect of a cigarette. Some like it some don’t. You are basically going to lung vaping from mouth vaping that happens typically in Regular Vaping.
  • Not an Option for Stealth Vapers: Sub Ohm Vaping is all about massive vapors. If you are a regular stealth vaper, Sub Ohm Vaping is not an option for you. Obviously, if you switch to Sub Ohm Vaping, you will definitely get noticed in public and the whole point of keeping your habit a secret will not work.
  • Heavy on Pocket: There is a financial aspect as well! Sub Ohm Vaping, for the sake producing more vapor and flavor, sucks up heavy quantities of E-juice. If you are using premium flavors, of course, Sub Ohm Vaping will turn out to be a costly business. However, you can balance between Regular and Sub Ohm Vaping to lighten the burden on your pocket.
  • They Need Power: Sub Ohm Tanks and Kits are power hungry. You will need to keep your batteries charged (almost always!) to enjoy Sub Ohm Vaping.
  • Keep Your Nicotine Low: If you are a regular vaper using Nicotine in your E-juice, switching to Sub Ohm Vaping, the first thing you should do is to lower the Nicotine level in your juice. Sub Ohm Vaping with every puff will draw more E-juice giving you a blast of Nicotine if you do not lower the concentration.
  • Safety First: As we mentioned, more wattage means more risk. Sub Ohm Vaping requires knowing what you do. Still confused? Read the Sub Ohm Vaping Chart section once again.

Sub Ohm Vaping Dangers

Sub Ohm Vaping Dangers and Safety

  • We guess, by this time, you are well aware of risks involved in Sub Ohm Vaping if you are not careful enough.
  • The dangers of Sub Ohm Vaping can be easily avoided if you use a standard Sub Ohm Vape Tank or Sub Ohm Vape Kit.
  • If you are using a custom-made Vape Kit, you have to be really really careful.
  • As we mentioned, batteries and kits may overheat if you use wrong combinations of voltage, or if one of the sub-parts of your custom kit is not compatible.
  • Overheating can cause severe damage to internal parts of the device, creating a malfunction in your kit. So, always refer to Sub Ohm Vaping Chart before changing the voltage settings.
  • A more serious issue is exploding batteries! If you mess up with your kit really bad, in return, it can mess up with your face!
  • Exploding batteries is not a common thing. It is an accident just like any other. The batteries that these kits utilize are mainly Lithium Ion batteries which we use everywhere like in Smartphones.
  • To avoid battery explosion- never ever use damaged batteries, use only authentic batteries, and never vape while the battery is charging.

Sub Ohm Vaping Safety

  • Now you know, how it works and what are the risks involved. It is up to you to ensure that you minimize the risks.
  • If you are not confident enough about your science, use authentic Sub Ohm Vaping Kits. They are the safest option to go along.
  • Understand and refer to Sub Ohm Vaping Chart, while you vape. Always adjust voltage so that you vape in the safe zone indicated on the Sub Ohm Vaping Chart.
  • Use authentic batteries, not damaged ones. Never ever vape while the battery is charging.

Sub Ohm Vaping at VapingZone


Sub Ohm Vaping can give you pleasures you never experienced through Regular Vaping. The exceptional flavor release and cloud production  is something that you should try at least once in a lifetime.

Sub Ohm Vaping requires higher power output and hence there are some minor risks involved which can be easily avoided if you understand the science behind this technique and vape with caution.

We hope you find this guide to be an ultimate addition to your Vaping reading material! For best Sub Ohm Vape Tanks and starter Kits, don’t forget to visit VapingZone store.

If you are looking for electronic glossary, visit electricalschool

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