A Complete Guide About How To Vape

Confused About How To Vape? Have you come to know that Vaping is the best replacement for smoking but Vaping appears to be confusing? Don’t lose hope. We are going to guide you through it. You first need to go through the experience of Vaping, just like Matrix, in order to completely understand it. First of all, we should know “What will I be Vaping?” and then we need to understand “How to Vape properly”. To make things easy, let’s divide the method into two simple groups. i.e. dry herb and e-liquid (or e-juice). The use of e-juice is mostly referred to by Vaping in a device called electronic cigarette or a larger device sometimes called personal vaporizers. This kind of Vaping allows the users to choose from e-liquid with nicotine or no nicotine. Vaping Dry herb is a process which involves the use of a vaporizer designed specifically for dry herbs, regardless of the type of vaporizer. Generally, dry herb refers to cannabis, but tobacco and other herbs can also be referred to cannabis.

How to Vape E-liquid?

Before we go into discussing the Vaping method, let’s talk about the items that you will need. Keep in mind that Vaping gets complicated or easy to do depending on how you do it. Starting with a basic simple device can help you in understanding Vaping. Then you can climb up in selecting your devices. Let’s have a peak in the variously available options:

The Juice

Finally, let’s take a look at the electronic juice. You are going to need this in your e-cigarettes if your device is not a prefilled one. Apart from a large range of flavors, the electronic juices, it also allows you choose a specific strength of nicotine in your liquids. The strength of nicotine is mentioned in milligrams. A higher number of milligrams will more nicotine.

The Cig-a-Like

These devices have an appearance similar to normal cigarettes and their working mechanism also mimics them. You only need to puff and let the magic happen. Their inner composition is no doubt different. They don’t have any activation button and internally a heating coil inside a mini-cartridge or “CATOMIZER” which heats an electronic liquid present in the cigarette.

The Pod Mod

As clear from the name, these devices contain a pod which carries an e-juice. They can be called a step up from cig-a-like as they are lightweight and small in size.

Vape Pen

Available with a stronger battery and bigger body, the Vape pens are also categorized as e-cigarettes. Different electronic liquids can be filled in them, though they come with tanks pre-filled with an e-juice.

Starter Kit

These kits are available in various types and sizes but we should know that these kits mostly come almost every item needed in starting Vaping. They may include a podmod, a Vape pen or even a mod/tank combo.

The strength is either mentioned in the containers in simple milligrams or milliliters. And sometimes they are mentioned as percentages. Here are the common quantities in which they are available. 0, 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24.

What Is An Atomizer?

The coil head needs to be replaced once a week or two in mostly refillable Vaping devices with and without tanks. Their purpose is just to heat the e-juice and convert it in vapors by atomizing the liquid. The replacement method is very simple as it is just like removing one screw and putting on another in your tank. Often a wicking material (mostly cotton) is used to surround the coil present on the coil head which heats up the system. All the magic happens here. The step that comes next will be of filling your tank with an e-juice of your choice and giving it a time of around 15 minutes so that it can be soaked up by the cotton. You will get a taste of burning cotton if you move quickly at this stage. Patience at this stage will prolong the life of your atomizer and its performance as well.

How To Vape E-Liquid?

Read the user manual and start your Vaping by turning on your device and selecting the lowest setting recommended. It is normally mentioned on the head of the coil or in the user manual. Adjust the mouthpiece on your lips and inhale just like cigarettes while pressing the switch button at the same time. Remember to exhale quickly. Shifting from smoking may cause you to take some time to adjust to a different smoke entering your lungs. It’s better to start off with low power and small puffs. If you sneeze or a cough, it’s okay. Don’t worry.

2 Types of Inhaling:

  1. Mouth To Lung (MTL)

Like a normal cigarette, two steps are followed where the vapor first goes to the mouth and from there to the lungs. MTL is normally done in the setting of small airflow and low wattages.

  1. Direct Lung

Just like smoking from a bong or water-pipe, in this method, the vapor goes directly to the lungs. For settings of wider airflow and high wattage, you might need this method.

Cleaning And Maintaining Your Devices

It is simple and very important to maintain your device. Especially a clean mouthpiece is very important. The best way is to rinse it with warm water. Don’t let any water reach the battery of your device. The secondary option can be an ultrasonic cleaner but warm water is suggested. You can unscrew the tank for cleaning if possible. Let the device to dry before reusing.

How To Properly Vape Weed?

The following items are required for Vaping weed.

  • Vaporizer

It is obvious you will need a vaporizing device, be it a portable or desktop. You just need a device that vaporizes the weed.

  • Dry Herb

The second obvious thing needed is an actual dry herb. In portable vaporizers, the sticky type of herb does not perform well. Though in desktop vaporizers, they are fine. You can dry off the herb if it is moist.

  • Grinder

For portable units, grinding helps because grinding the herb too much with the hand is not possible. Though it is optional for smoking cannabis, it is necessary for Vaping.

  • Packing Tools

This tool has only one function and that is to assist you while transferring your herb to the chamber. This tool is completely optional, though it helps a lot.


We hope that this guide will answer all your questions and clear the confusions about Vaping and all the other aspects of the items involved. Remember! Practice is the first step in Vaping and it will take some time to find your perfect combination. Stay connected with us and our forum will make an expert in Vaping over time. If you still have a question, post a comment and we will gladly assist you in the comment section below.

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