Vandy Vape Berserker Review

Berserker is something that is not like the other typical tanks. It has different drip tips and has two different types of ways in which you can place it. It looks like it’s a legitimate MTL tank. When I picked up the Berserker for the first time, I really could feel the quality I knew from Vandy Vape. Although I do not always use MTL Vape, there are certain situations and some juices that I like to use for an MTL vape. I use many bakeries, cigars, and desserts in tanks like this. I also enjoy MTL-Vapes with a cup of coffee. Drop a single coil in this tank and see how it really works.

Kit Content & Specifications

Kit Content Specifications
1 x Vandy Vape Berserker MTL RTA Inspired by Alex de Vapers MD
1 expansion glass of 4.5 ml Dimensions: 1-13 / 16 “x 15/16” (including drip tip and thread)
1 x extension glass adapter The diameter of 24 mm
1 x 510 drip tip Delrin 2.0 ml capacity (4.5 ml with expansion glass included)
1 x screw set and spare O-rings Filler cap with removable lid
1 x screwdriver Single coil designs
Conical chimney design
Precision adjustable airflow ring
Five different sizes of air holes available: 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 mm in diameter
ULTIMATE 2.0 ml tube
4.5 ml expansion glass tube

First Impression

This RTA comes with two different modes when it comes to capacity. We have a 2 ml mode for which the tank is configured. The glass section in this mode is in Ultem. There is a chimney extension that converts the tank to the 4.5 ml mode. This tank has a chimney lock and there is a tool to lock and unlock the chimney. I really like this system and want it to be used by more manufacturers. It ensures that the chimney remains in place when repairing the tank. Whether you take the top cover or the base, the fireplace stays in place. I really like this feature. There are also two fireplaces included in this kit. The smallest is when working in 2 ml mode and the biggest one is of course when running in 4.5 ml mode. Both fireplaces have an extremely conical design. I ran this tank in both capacity modes and found that the difference in taste is negligible. I really did not notice this big difference between the 2ml and the 4.5ml modes when it comes to flavor. I mainly do it in 4.5 ml mode because I like transparent glass and extra capacity.

The berserker’s top cover has a traditional opening of 510. So if you do not like the drip tips provided, you can use your own 510 drip tips. Inside the 510 drip tip connection is where to find the closure system for the chimney. There is a knurl on the top of the top cap, but it’s not that deep and I probably would have liked a little more knurling on the top cap. Both openings fit on almost any type of juice bottle, including rounded tips. Like the rest of the atomizer, the cutouts for the sap fill holes are stainless steel. In the lower interior of the juice port lid is a very meaty clear ornament that holds the glass in place. In the lower part of the interior of the top cover is a fleshy black rim that seals the leaks. The wire between the top cover and the tank cover is very soft. The base of the Berserker has a slot for the air holes. It’s adjustable and has a pretty long range, but this range is certainly difficult when it comes to range. The first slot in the hole has an opening of 0.8 mm, followed by an opening of 1 mm, an opening of 1.2 mm, an opening of 1.4 mm and finally an opening of 1.6 mm. This is an extremely tight stretch and there is really no way to direct the lungs toward that tank. It’s a bit too tight for me when it comes to an MTL vaporizer. The thread is nice and smooth, but not too tight. It’s clear within the scope of the platform.


I am very active in the most popular vaping forums. I hear it all the time from all those MTL vapors. They always complain that there is nothing on the market for them. Well, guys here’s your chance. I’m here to tell you that berserk MTL RTA is a legitimate MTL tank. This tank will provide a more satisfactory evaporator to the more selective MTL vapors. As I said before, the airflow is a bit tight for me and you wish Vandy Vape softened a bit. Apart from that, you will receive a very good MTL from Berserker. One thing I really like about Berserker RTA is that when I do MTL, it let me use my superior Nic juices that have not been used for a while. I usually download 3 Nic and I just got 6 Nic out. I still have enough juice Nic 6 in my hiding place, but every time I run under the tanks in ohms, they seem to be too hard. If I take the same juices and put them in the berserk, I get a very satisfying vape without harshness. Right now I’ve drained the berserk with a 4-ohm output with a small stainless steel ID 2 Clapton mm and I 16 watts. I get an extremely sweet and delicious MTL. I have it on the last vent and wider and the vape is just fantastic in terms of the MTL experience.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Taste The cover design could have been better
MTL legitimate tank
2 drip points
Fashion 2 ml and 4.5 ml mode
Top filling
Lockable fireplace
Ideal for all your individual battery modifications
Large MTL tank in a market with many options


The Vandy Vape Berserker RTA is a perfectly legitimate MTL tank. Let’s face it, most MTL tanks in the market are expensive. This can be due to supply and demand and may also have other factors. This tank will not cost $ 100 to get a decent MTL vape. With the price to which the berserker is, if you are an MTL lover, it would be stupid not to pick one. It’s so good of an MTL tank.

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