How to Get Bigger Vape Clouds? Get Best Clouds

Vaping is fun and is quite an interesting way to smoke safely. But if you are a person who has been vaping for a while, you might have wondered about how to get best vape clouds like everybody else. Well this thing is not as difficult as you would think it to be. You would be glad to know that if you only look out for two simple things, you will be a master at getting a bigger vape. Dive into the article and find out.

1st Tip: Increased Vapor Production

If you want to increase your vapor production, here is a simple and easy list of how to do it.

  1. Have Your Power Increased

Increasing your power is one way to increase your vapor production. In simple words it means that you should use more power while vaping. Use a coil which has lesser resistance (known as sub-ohm vaping). Sub-ohm vaping can be dangerous if you are not aware of the method so it is better to first read about sub-ohm safety. Although, benefits to sub-ohm vaping are quite numerous. What increasing your battery power does is it allows you to inhale more vape with the same pull because the less resistance allows more current to flow in the circuit and ultimately lets more liquid to burn and therefore you are able to make more vape with the same pull.

  1. Have your air-flow increased

Increasing the air-flow in the device can do multiple goods to your vape and vape production. In the above part we asked you to increase your battery wattage or reduce the coil resistance so that more vape is produced and more liquid is vaporized. But we also need to understand that by doing so, we are actually inhaling hotter air which maybe uncomfortable for some vapors. So to cool down the temperature of the inhaled air, you should increase the amount of air-flow so that you inhale a cooler vape and also increasing the airflow allows a bigger amount of air to flow over the atomizer which in return allows more vapor production. With increased wattage and decreased resistance, you need to increase the airflow as well.

  1. Using The Proper E-Juice

PG and VG are the two basics which combine together with other elements and make your e-liquid. It is important to choose the correct one. Both the PG and VG have their functions which come as vapor production for VG and hit and flavor for the PG. So if you use a liquid with higher VG, you would definitely get a bigger cloud of vape. There are many types of VG which are completely vegan and will also give a big and thick cloud. Though the flavor will not be that much appreciable. So make your choice and go for the suitable e-liquid.

2nd Tip: Improve Your Vaping Technique And Method

Now that you have understood how to modify your device, the second important tip to understand is that technique of vaping is also of the same importance. Even if you have a pro cloud chaser, and your technique for vaping is not as it should be, there is not going to be a bigger and better vape for you. So if you want to be a master at how to get best vape clouds, we suggest you take the following simple and easy 6 step guide.

  1. Make sure your lungs are completely empty of air.
  2. To remove the remaining air from your lungs, exhale while you are leaning a little slight to the front.
  3. Blow the remaining little air from your lungs in to the device to see if the vapor is escaping through the vents for air. This trick will give you a kick-start for the vapor production as it will prep your device.
  4. Now lean back to a straight posture and inhale a long a deep breath. The straight posture allows your lungs to capture more air.
  5. This step will now require a little practice but it is very helpful. Start to exhale with a steady pace and keep your lower jaw moved to the front. The jaw movement is actually giving your thought more space to expand and this allows more air to come out and at a higher pace.
  6. When you feel that your lungs are almost empty, tighten up your lips. By doing so, you will push out a strong gust of wind into the cloud. This gust will explode the cape cloud and you will get your desired huge cloud.


It is hoped that this article is going to solve all your confusions about how to get best vape clouds out of your device. Sure some of the steps and techniques will require you to do some practice but we should always know that practice makes a man perfect. So go ahead and start away. Remember, it is not necessary that you should bigger vape clouds. It is just a choice in vaping. And choices like these are actually what make vaping so awesome. Happy Vaping.

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