Parallel VS Series Mechanism Mods – What Are The Differences?

If you are confused about whether to buy a series or a parallel configured battery for Mod, don’t be. I am here to guide you through it. You might get confused at the shop when the salesperson gives you options to choose from. Series or parallel? And you are forced to go back and study more. Well, the main difference is of voltage. A few others are also there but we will get there slowly.

Let’s start.


Parallel VS Series Mechanism Mods

To understand this, let’s take an example. 2 identical batteries 18650 with 3.7 volts, discharging rate 20 amps and both are having 2000 mAh capacity.

A parallel combination can be seen in MCV Cherry Bomber which is parallel. here the positive terminals of both the cells are connected and so are the negative ones. There are no wires in the mod. The connection is made internally.

In parallel, the voltage of the two batteries is not added and remains 3.7 volts. But the current is doubled and we get 40 amps. Plus the run time of the battery is also doubled and capacity gets 4000 mAh.

Pros Cons
Longer runtime High wattage devices might run cool
More current capacity Low voltage output
Longer ramp duration for heavy wire


Parallel VS Series Mechanism Mods

Remember the above example and description ok. For a series box, the best example can be Wismec Noisy Cricket. In this configuration of connection is positive of one battery to negative of other battery and vice versa. This results in a doubled voltage that is 3.7 + 3.7 = 7.4 voltage and the current do not increase at all. It remains at 20 amps.

Pros Cons
Heavy wire devices can be run with it Unimproved battery time
Provides output with higher voltage Overpowered for low wattage devices
Un-increased current delivery

Parallel VS Series Mechanism Mods

Parallel VS Series Mechanism Mods


It is important to stay safe first. So always use new batteries of the same class and the same date and brand. Because different age batteries can be very disastrous especially in series configuration as an explosion can occur if the batteries are too different. Theoretically, in the parallel configuration, you can increase the battery life to twice but you should remember that in parallel mode, you are limited to single battery use duration. If you use single wire coils with low wattages, I would suggest you use parallel mod as it will provide you higher current ranges and longer battery timings. If you want to vape with dense clouds and high flavors, then the series configuration is best for you. It will give warm vapes and the large wire will give high shots of flavor. Though the battery life might be lower than a parallel configuration.

I hope you will stay safe and choose wisely to have fun.

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