Sigelei Fuchai V3 Review

This pod vape has a distinct feature. Quite secret I would say. The pod is fillable and not refillable. Yup, there is a difference. The Sigelei Fuchai V3 will allow you to fill its pods only one time. The system is open until you decide to close it.


Sigelei Fuchai V3 review

The Sigelei Fuchai V3 comes with an internal battery of 400 mAh and an empty pod of 1.5 mL and a coil with a resistance of 1.8 ohms. Just like Myjet, Von Erl and JUUL, it also looks flat and rectangular in shape. It is more like Myjet as they also have pods which are filled once. The pods are sold in two separate packings. One as the atomizer base and the other with a pod chamber. You will need to damage the complete unit if you want to get them separated. It just will simply damage the unit or leave you with a flooded battery.


More than 300 charges for battery Charging wire
Capacity for the battery is 400mAh Sigelei Fuchai V3
Tank volume of 1.5mL 01 Replacement for the fillable pod
5.5 watt as the output wattage (for 2.1ohm)
Aluminum tube for the battery
PC used as a material for tank
Input and output voltage: 5V and 3.4V
1.8 ohms as range for the atomizer
LED indication for battery level (red, blue, green)


The Fuchai V3 is a slow vape. It will give you a tight vape like PHIX but if you draw slow and long, you will get a tighter one. If you go hard and quick, due to its high resistant coil it just will not give you any vapor at all. True story! The V3 is not a hard hitter okay! It even has a cutoff of 10 seconds which can come in handy if you want a satisfying and warm throat hit by taking your V3 to the cutoff.

The feel and build quality of the V3 seem pretty good. I like that it has the rubber coating like its ancestor Fuchai box mod. As the pods fit perfectly with the battery, there was no leaking, gurgling, spit back or hot pops problem in my experiences. I have tried quite a many coils and they all are just the same. Good vapes! I think overall the Fuchai V3 is a good choice if you are ok with slow and long draws and 1.5 mL before buying a new one.


2 packs for $5, each of 15 mL, that means around $15 a week if you vape one per day. According to me, this is quite cheap and you might even want to stop getting your own e-liquid. Keeping in mind that it has a chargeable battery I think it is pretty niche. If you need a pod that is solid-performing which is refillable, you should check out Rofvape Warlock Peas instead. Many quirks in the Sigelei Fuchai V3 have let me down and I cannot recommend it. But I will be continuing to use mine till I deplete my stash of pods.

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