Humble Juice Co Review

Humble Juice Co was built on the belief that hardworking people can make high quality vape juice at prices that won’t break your wallet. The amazing taste of Humble Juice comes from testing and retesting flavors, Humble Juice Co only sends out the best flavor profiles. Humble Juice crafts all of their vape juices from their in-house distribution and shipping center.

Humble Juice Co Vape Juice Flavor Profiles

American Dream

This vape juice brings you the jaw dropping flavor of your favorite morning cereal. That’s right the true american dream is a big bowl of fruity pebbles. This creamy cereal provides a blast from the past with each puff. This intoxicating flavor is truly beyond belief with how accurate this recreation is. On the inhale a fruity fusion will rush into your pallet and delight your taste buds. This fruity combination provides a variety of different flavors that will dance together across your tongue with each puff. On the exhale to wash down this intense flavor experience is a crisp silky milk flavor that just truly completes this e-juice.

Berry Blow Doe

Humble has brought the fan favorite flavor of a bubblegum sucker to the vape juice community. This insane combination of a bubblegum lollipop  with hints of blueberry and raspberry will have your taste buds bouncing off the walls in a frenzied state. As you inhale, Berry Blow Doe recreates the sensation of the first lick of a lollipop. As you exhale, you will feel as if you’re blowing a bubblegum bubble as all of the flavors wash off of your taste buds. The flavors create such a intoxicating mixture that this vape juice will become your first pick in rotation.

Donkey Kahn

Donkey Kahn is a delicious blend of the all time favorite strawberry banana fusion with a shocking dragon-fruit twist. This vape juice will blow your mind with the intense flavors it creates. As soon as you open the bottle your senses will be overwhelmed, the delightful aroma will have you breathing in as deep as you can to get a whiff. On every inhale and exhale the flavor will burst across your taste buds like fireworks on New Years. Donkey Khan is a vape juice that will surely become your favorite in rotation.

Hop Scotch

This world changing vape juice will leave your insides feeling as if they have just been wrapped in a warm hug by a teddy bear. Hop Scotch bring you the exquisite taste of sweet-tooth curing toffee, candy-like butterscotch custard, and the divine flavor of vanilla. With every inhale and exhale the sweetness washes across your taste buds leaving them feeling as if they were laying under a warm blanket during the skin biting cold morning. The boozy flavors of Hop Scotch are so intense you won’t be able to find anywhere else, and these flavor are brought to you with no added guilt.

Humble Crumble

Bring yourself back in time with Humble Crumble. The delicious flavor of freshly baked blueberries. These succulent blueberries have lost the tale tale tang of a blueberry and are now as sweet as can be. This vape juice will remind you of holiday season as a child, with all of the dessert that cause your stomach to grumble in delight. On every inhale and exhale of Humble Crumble your taste buds will be left feeling satisfied. Humble Crumble hits the spot like no other vape juice can dream of hitting.

Pee Wee Kiwi

Pee Wee Kiwi bring you a mix of flavor you would have never fathomed. The merge of ripe kiwis, dulcet watermelon, and a hint of citrus to bring the entire flavor together. This daring taste will leave your mouth watering like no other and once you try Pee Wee Kiwi you won’t want to vape another juice. Live your life on the edge with this vape juice as it will take you to a whole new world that hasn’t been discovered yet with every inhale and exhale.

Smash Mouth

This mouth watering fusion of freshly harvested strawberries, with succulent custard, all on top of a honeyed graham cracker is a taste you won’t be able to forget. As you inhale the custard strawberry flavor lays across your taste buds like your favorite winter blanket. This vape juice is the perfect amount of sweetness that will leave your sweet tooth sedated just like everyone after a hefty meal. As you exhale, the custard strawberry flavor combines with the graham cracker flavor creating the best vape juice you’ve ever tasted.

Sweater Puppets

This melodious vape juice is one for the books. Sweater Puppets brings you the most intense fruit flavored vape juice you have ever vaped. The boozy mixture of mango, cantaloupe, and a hint of honeydew will drive your taste buds into a frenzy. Sweater Puppets is a vape juice made for fruit lovers, with every inhale and exhale this vape juice provides a sucker punch of flavors that will leave you craving more and more.

Unicorn Treats

Unicorn Treats is a customer favorite around the world. This vape juice brings you the taste of your favorite sugary cereal as a child. The combination of milk and cereal has never tasted better then it does in Unicorn Treats. Once you try this vape juice you will breathe a sigh of relief because you will have finally found your one true vape juice. As you inhale, the flavor-packed taste of cereal washes over your taste buds waking them up the same way this flavor did when you were a child. As you exhale, the milky taste intensifies the cereal flavor.

Vape The Rainbow

Vape The Rainbow will send your taste buds on a roller coaster of flavors. Bringing you the taste of rainbow sherbet and a variety of candied fruit flavors. This vape juice will kick your sweet tooth to the curb. Vape The Rainbow is a flavor for any mood you could be in with how much flavor is packed into the bottle. With every inhale and exhale your taste buds will pin point a different sherbet flavor or candy fruit flavor. This vape juice is as sweet as the first sip of coffee in the morning.

Humble Ice Juice Co Vape Juice Flavor Profiles

Ice Berry Blow Doe

Get ready for this intoxicating treat because Ice Berry Blow Doe will knock your socks off. This bubblegum lollipop will provide a nostalgic effect with each puff. This lollipop has a secret twist to it though, and no it is not the bubblegum center. Menthol fans hold on to your seat because this e-juice has been fused with a icy based for that cooling exhale, and we cannot be more excited! On the inhale a rush of tart blueberries that will smother your tongue and delight your tangy side. Just wait, because arriving next is a blitz of raspberries that will frolic across your pallet. The best part about this e-juice is how it recreates that sugary sensation from a lollipop. On the exhale, you may not be able to blow those bubblegum pink bubbles, but that same flavor is sure to please.

Ice Donkey Kahn

This fruity blend of strawberries and bananas may not seem exotic, but just wait. Ice Donkey Khan has a secret twist of… wait for it… dragon-fruit! Yes, dragon fruit, that sweet fruity flavor you’ve been seeking for it here. Now this e-juice may seem like it just could not get better, but oh-yes it can. Menthol lovers unite because this vape juice has been fused with a menthol base just for you! On the inhale that original strawberry banana fusion will over take your pallet. Your taste buds will surrender to this delicious treat. On the exhale that dragon-fruit flavor has been mixed with an icy menthol to add a sweet tangy.

Ice Dragonfly

Ice Dragonfly brings you the jaw-dropping flavors of juicy watermelon, succulent honeydew, and a menthol base. This vape juice is truly going for a home run with how intoxicating the flavors are. With every inhale your taste buds will feel rejuvenated with these boozy flavors. The watermelon honeydew mix will dance across your taste buds awakening them with the most intense flavor. Then, to top the whole vape juice off, the menthol base adds a refreshing twist that will cool your taste buds like no other on every exhale.

Ice Oh-Ana

Treat yourself to a sneak peak of your dream island vacation with Ice Oh-Ana. This succulent blend of pineapple that will make your tongue tingle, sweet mango that will be intensified by the pineapple and the menthol base is something you will wish you would’ve had your entire vaping life. With every inhale, the pineapple and peaches tango across your taste buds leaving them tingling with sweetness in their wake. As you exhale, the cooling menthol will sooth your riled taste buds washing away the tingle and the sweetness. Ice Oh-Ana is a vape juice that will bring you to your dream island with every inhale and exhale.

Ice Pee Wee Kiwi

Your taste buds are not ready for this flavor-packed frosty ride this juice will bring them. Ice Pee Wee Kiwi brings you the scrumptious flavor of ripe kiwi, juicy watermelon and just a touch of citrus. Once you try Pee Wee Kiwi you will understand the fruit craving going around the vaping community. On every inhale, your taste buds are hit with the kiwi and watermelon fusion giving them the sweetness that they didn’t know they were craving. On every exhale, the citrus mixes with the menthol base leaving your taste buds tingling and feeling refreshed.

Ice Pink Spark 

As a true fan of Ice Pink Spark we cannot convey how incredible this e-juice truly is. This icy fusion of a homemade pitcher of pink lemonade provides a refreshing effect with each puff. This e-juice is perfect for those who are still skeptical on the whole menthol craze as well. This lighter menthol provides just enough to not become overwhelming. On the inhale a sweet sugary rush of pink lemonade will have you feeling nostalgic. We still cannot believe how authentic this taste really is. On the exhale that cooling rush of menthol makes this e-juice beyond imaginable. No one wants a warm glass of lemonade so this menthol base ties Ice Pink Spark together beautifully.

Ice Ruby Red

Something no one has thought of is to bring the delicious flavor of a smoothie and add a twist of menthol to it, until now. Ice Ruby Red brings you the tartness of a dragon-fruit and sweetness of a peach mixed together into a smoothie to you in a vape juice that is to die for. With every inhale the tangy and the sweet will duel for which one your taste buds will focus on leaving your taste buds buzzing off the walls. As you exhale, the menthol base will sooth your taste buds and leave you ready for your next hit.

Ice Sweater Puppets

Who would’ve thought to bring the fierce flavors of mango, cantaloupe, and just the slightest amount of honeydew together? Humble Juice Co. that’s who. This invigorating vape juice is like absolutely no other vape juice in the community. With every inhale, your taste buds are shocked by the combination of juicy mango, and mouth-watering cantaloupe. With every exhale, your taste buds are met with the slightest hint of honeydew mixed with the menthol base of this vape juice giving your taste buds one last wave of sweetness with a cooling effect afterwards.

Ice Tropic Thunder

This jaw dropping vape juice brings you the delectable flavors of candied strawberry kiwi with a soothing icy exhale. Ice Tropic Thunder is a a candy lovers dream. With every inhale you take your senses will be hit with the mouth watering flavor of strawberry kiwi candies, and your sweet tooth will feel as if it never existed. With every exhale you take the sweet candy flavor will be washed away along with all of your worries with the refreshing menthol base of this divine vape juice.

Ice Vape The Rainbow

Ice Vape The Rainbow is a colorfully flavored vape juice that will quickly become the vape juice your hand always reaches for in rotation. This fun mixture of rainbow sherbet with fruit flavored candies thrown in all tied together with a menthol base to leave your taste buds feeling refreshed, will blow your mind from the moment you first open the box. This vape juice is like no other with the intense flavors. With every inhale your taste buds will be taken on the best ride of their life as the stimulating flavors of sherbet and fruit flavored candies. With every exhale, the menthol base will bring your taste buds back down to earth.


No matter your flavor preference you are sure to find the e-juice that you have been seeking from Humble Juice Co. These savory blends truly make other brands have to humble themselves when compared to Humble Juice Co. With flavors ranging from cereal, fruity, candy, and menthol, you are sure to be delighted. With this brand all e-juices are created equal, all have an intoxicating flavor that is hard to beat, so don’t just stick to one when you can try them all at our unbeatable price at West Coast Vape Supply!

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