Best Smoking Accessories for Your Stoner Boyfriend

After a lot of heated debates worldwide, people slowly understand the potential medical benefits of smoking marijuana. This psychoactive plant has quite a lot of evidence to back up claims for its role in alleviating symptoms of anxiety, stress, chronic pain, insomnia, depression, loss of appetite, and even glaucoma. Although listed as a Schedule- I drug, this plant is now legal in over 11 states for recreational use. Since more and more people are now accepting marijuana, here are some cool smoking accessories that you can gift to your stoner boyfriend for his birthday or even your anniversary.

Hemp rolling papers

Smoking joints is always considered to be a classic method of smoking up. This tried and tested method never gets old, and there is absolutely nothing that can replace the feeling you get when you go for an evening stroll with a joint in your hand. There are plenty of ways to roll a joint. The good thing about hemp papers is that they are more sustainable than conventional rolling papers, provide enough grip so that you can easily roll up, and contain minimal fibrous flavor. Your boyfriend will love you even more for getting them a 20-pack gift that will ensure that they do not run out of rolling papers for a while.

Journey pipe

If your boyfriend is one of the people who feel more at ease with a pipe in hand, give them this unique pipe. As an avid smoker, it is sure that they would already own a pipe, but get them such a pipe that they will never go back to smoking their regular pipes again. Journey pipe J2 is heat-proof and screenless. This new technology has a magnetic locking system so that the lid stays in place. The pipe is made out of zinc alloy, so it doesn’t break like regular pipes. Once your boyfriend uses this, he will definitely throw all of his other pipes out. You can even wrap it up since it comes with its own case.

A grinder

All avid smokers know that you absolutely can not roll up a good joint without a decent grinder. Sure, you could crush it with your hands, but this would make all the trichomes on your weed stick to your hands instead of being rolled up in a joint. This is why your boyfriend will be ecstatic once you gift him a grinder of high quality. Poorly designed grinders tend to get stuck after just two turns and do not get unstuck easily. Getting a high-quality grinder for your boyfriend will ensure that even the stickiest of flowers slide off the teeth of the grinder whenever they crush. You can gift them a 4-piece shredder that is quite popular among users.

With all the new ways and techniques coming out for smoking marijuana, you can give a range of gifts to your boyfriend. These are some of the top smoking accessories that every smoking connoisseur should own. So, have you decided on the gift?

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