Growing Weed: Some important details to take note of

Long gone are the days when marijuana used to be classified as a Schedule-1 drug. Now, this psychoactive plant is accepted by many people all over the world. In California, you can now legally grow up to six weed plants in the comfort of your own home. Since the lockdown, a lot of us have turned to various pastimes in order to help pass the time. What better way to soothe yourself than to start gardening? Once you know the entire process, growing weed indoors isn’t as tough as it sounds. We have covered almost everything you need to know about growing weed in your house.


It is important to remember, that just like any other plant, cannabis also has male and female plants. The only one that you should be concerned with is the female plant, which yields all the buds that we smoke. If a male plant is anywhere near the female plant, you will have to separate them or start all over again. You can buy ‘feminized seeds’ from a seed bank just to be sure. In places like San Diago and other developed cities, there are many such shops to buy from.

If you are a complete newbie and do not want to start from scratch, you can think of using clones. A lot of people prefer buying these from marijuana clones san diego shops because of the sheer convenience.

These clones are cuttings from a female plant that has already grown. The sellers wait for it to develop roots and then sell them as clones. All you need to do with a clone is to transplant it in some soil and watch it bloom!


Experts recommend making your own soil mix, and make sure that the soil has enough nutrients and the pH balance is perfect. If you do not want to make your own mix, you can buy organic Pro-soil mix or even coco peat, just make sure that you have good-quality soil. It is important to remember not to plant your seeds or clones directly into the soil outdoors since they tend to run rampant and you can end up with the stress of plants getting out of control.


Keep in mind that the upkeep of plants is quite time-consuming. You have to regularly check your plants, check the nutrient levels in the soil and make sure they get enough light and water. Watering your plant every day, in the beginning, is too much, though it might need more water once your plant is fully flowering.


If you begin to grow around April, your harvest will be ready by the month of October. There are certain techniques you should use in between that are called growth training methods. These ensure that your plant grows to its full capacity. Things such as main-lining, topping and FIMing should be things that you are aware of. If you are not sure if you should harvest the plant yet, you can always click a picture of it and ask on growing forums. The best method of harvesting is to cut the plant at the base and hang it upside down in a dark room.

Growing your own weed is quite easy once you know what to do. Learning from trial and error is one of the best ways to learn how to grow the perfect plant at home.

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