Vista Vapors E-Liquid Reviews

Vista Vapors is a USA based e-liquid brand, offering a huge variety of e-juice flavors and a Premium product line.

When we first received e-liquids from Vista Vapors, we immediately noticed the intensity of the flavors. They were present even with the bottles still sealed. The quality of the child proof packaging is great, and the e-liquid can be very easily squeezed out of the bottles, which, at least for us, has previously been an issue with numerous European and Chinese e-juice brands.

When it comes to the clouds, the amount of vapor is just great! All three flavors we tested were also silkily smooth, with the throat hit being quite mild.

Overall, we were very impressed about the outstanding quality to price ratio offered by Vista Vapors, as well as all the tiny details: for example, the possibility to add extra flavor when ordering and even mix your own juice on their website. These are the things that take vaping and vape shopping experience to another level.
PG/VG Ratio (percent):,70/30; 50/50; Maximum VG
Available Nicotine Levels (mg/ml):,0-24
Country of Origin:,USA
Website:, (use Coupon Code VISTATEN to get 10% OFF!)

Vista Vapors E-Liquid Reviews

vista vapors honeydew

A flavor for fruit lovers who don’t want their e-liquid to be too sweet. Honeydew is a very smooth and subtle mix of the widely beloved melon and some green apple. An interesting and quite rare combination, which is very juicy and mouth-watering but moderate in sweetness. Although the apple notes are almost unnoticeable, the melon itself is very authentic and certainly not overwhelming. Quite refreshing, especially on the exhale, therefore enjoyable as an all day vape, without worrying about the much-dreaded vaper’s tongue. We received the Honeydew with a 30% Extra Flavor boost and 6mg/ml of nicotine.

American Tobacco

vista vapors american tobaccoIf tobacco flavors is your choice, look no further! A classy tobacco blend with a tiny hint of sweetness, which on the exhale tastes very close to the real thing. No artificial aftertaste and no unnatural sweetness. A great flavor for those who have just made their switch from cigarettes or simply want to enjoy a drink, accompanied by a tobacco-tasting vape. We tested the American Tobacco with regular flavor, and it seemed a bit muted when compared to the other two blends from Vista Vapors, so we can suggest spending a few more cents and purchasing your e-juice with an extra flavor boost.

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Atlantic Premium
vista vapors atlantic ocean

At Vista Vapors, this flavor falls under the Premium category and comes in the Ocean flavor series. In a nutshell, Atlantic is a really, really sweet and creamy caramel flavor with notes of different sweet spices. Although the flavor itself is overwhelmingly delicious, it is so rich and packed with sweetness that it might be simply too much to handle for some. However, that’s not a bad thing at all this is an almighty weapon in your mixing arsenal. Atlantic helps to create pure awesomeness out of tobacco, mint and menthol juices, and the latter two combinations seemed simply mind and tastebud-boggling to us. Definitely a premium e-juice, but not for those people who prefer lighter and subtler flavors.

Vista Vapors E-Liquid ReviewsWild Berry

Overflowing with intense, full-bodied flavors, Wild Berry e-juice will tempt your taste buds! It’s the ideal mix of field-crisp strawberries, tart wild raspberries, tart blackberries and ready, succulent blueberries, making Wild Berry e-squeeze an awesome decision for a smooth, fulfilling after-supper vape.


Vista Vapors E-Liquid ReviewsWhile his companions are eating treat, this gnomie is truly Trollin’ the group…he adores his solid sustenances like products of
the soil. The uplifting news is his nectar and pear mix stacks up splendidly nearby his gnomies’ most loved treats!

Trollin’ is a Max VG Blend.

Vista Vapors E-Liquid ReviewsIce Cream

With this Ice Cream enhanced e-juice, you can appreciate the essence of this conventional summer dessert without the danger of a frozen yogurt migraine. The vapor delivers a taste vibe that makes you have an inclination that you are appreciating a solidifying icy bowl of vanilla frozen yogurt on a warm summer day.

Root Beer Float

Vista Vapors E-Liquid ReviewsNo late spring is finished without an essence of this treat. Regardless of whether you appreciate the pop or the dessert more, you realize that you adore both of them best when they are consolidated. You might want to appreciate that striking and smooth flavor at whatever time of the year and in a radical new manner? With this e-juice, you can.

For lovers of root brew skims, the individuals who appreciate some dessert in by their pop, this e-fluid conveys a grin to the face. Immaculate to be delighted in winter or in summer, in spring or in fall, this enhancing is astounding.

Vista Vapors E-Liquid ReviewsGreen Apple

In case you’re searching for a reviving, splendidly enhanced e-squeeze that conveys the ideal adjust of sweetness and pungency, you’ll adore our Green Apple season!

This superior e-juice catches the intense, straight from-the-cultivate freshness of a delicious green apple consummately. It’s perfect, tart and particular, with unobtrusive notes of nectar and vanilla for a strong, smooth throat hit. This is an extraordinary e-juice for throughout the day vaping!

While our consistent Green Apple e-juice conveys full-bodied taste, a few people can’t get enough of this astonishing plantation new goodness – that is the reason we offer our prevalent flavor help alternative. Pick our lift choice to immerse your taste buds with Green Apple goodness!

Green Apple is one of Vista Vapors top e-juice!

Fruit Explosion

Vista Vapors E-Liquid ReviewsIt’s the ageless taste of summer, in your vaporizer. Organic product Explosion joins the immense tastes of sweet sun-aged strawberries, full pineapple, delicious watermelon and stout shrubbery aged blueberries with simply the ideal touch of our mystery family sauce.

This is e-juice ideal for a those viewing their waistline or basically any individual who dazzling a fruity summer plate of mixed greens. These rich and vigorous flavors are a tropical escape on the darkest day in any profoundly solidified scene.

Fruit Explosion is made in the USA of top notch ingredients. You can customize even your own nicotine strength and flavor level.

Vista Vapors E-Liquid ReviewsRazz Jelly Donut

Jam doughnuts are so great they ought to be viewed as a piece of an adjusted eating routine. Adjust your eating regimen and get a grip of Razz Jelly Donut. Your mouth will much obliged.

Razz Jelly Donut is a Max VG Blend.

Sour Grapes

Vista Vapors E-Liquid ReviewsSour Grapes mixes natural products from the vine and includes a touch of acrid. The best part is these are some Sour Grapes that you can really get your hands on!

Sour Grapes is a Max VG Blend.


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