Tesla Invader 3 Mod Review

In the last few months, the brand new Tesla Invader 3 has generated quite a buzz among the vaping community. And indeed, there’s something special about this mod – apart from the new chipset and the massive amount of power it promises to deliver, Tesla has once again surprised us with a stunning design. However, although it’s still a variable voltage mod, you’ll not find all the common bells and whistles in this device. So if you’re looking for a rugged, simple and extremely powerful regulated mod, the Tesla Invader III seems to be the way to go. But let’s find out how good it really is!

Tesla Invader 3 Mod Review

What’s in the Kit?

  • 1x Tesla Invader 3 Box Mod
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Certificate Of Inspection

Tesla Invader III packaging

Features & Specifications

Net Weight:,198g
Material:,zinc alloy
Output Wattage:,240W max.
Output Voltage:,3.7 – 6.6V
Resistance Range:,min. resistance 0.1ohm
Connection:,spring-loaded silver plated brass
Batteries:,2x 18650 high-drain (not included in the kit)
Additonal features:,blue LED indicator; magnetic battery cover and adjustable voltage knob
Safety:,over puffing protection; reverse battery polarity protection; low voltage alert; atomizer short-circuit protection and over current protection
Average Price:,$50

We got this product earlier than most users and for that we can thank to DirectVapor!

First Impression

The packaging was a pleasant surprise! It’s not your average piece of cardboard the golden accents on the exterior of the box and the suede in the inside are the first things that add a quality touch to this product.Tesla Invader 3 Different Angles

The mod itself doesn’t lag behind. The high-tech composite finish in metallic turquoise blue is stunningly beautiful and makes the device look very sleek. If the blue, however, seems to be too much for you, the Invader III can also be purchased in black and stainless steel finishes.

With the Invader III, everything seems to be extremely straightforward. Voltage which is the only thing you can control on this mod is adjusted by a simple knob, and there’s a matching color LED light to inform you on the most important matters. And, while there’s nothing fancy to see or tinker around on the mod, the build quality is on a par with devices which are three times more expensive.

The Invader 3 supports two 18650 batteries. Thanks to the magnetic cover, swapping them is a breeze. Also, you’ll find + and - marks there, and if that’s not enough, the mod is equipped with reverse polarity protection. The battery cover does its job perfectly, staying in its place firmly and without any rattling or wobbling. Also, we especially liked the fire button, which is big, bulky and impossible to miss.

What We Enjoyed About the Tesla Invader 3 Box Mod

Great design & build-quality

For a double 18650 mod, the Tesla Invader 3 is a small, handy and sleek device. In fact, even some of the single 18650 mods are not as compact as this beauty. However, when it comes to vape mods, compact design most of the time also means that the device feels heavy in your hand. But that wasn’t an issue for us as with many other box mods, the weight (around 300g with batteries) plus the small form factor actually makes it feel even more solid and durable, and that’s a great thing.

Tesla Invader 3 bottom view

Power, power and once again power

The Invader 3 is a pocket-sized vaping nuclear reactor. Capable of firing up to 240W and supporting atomizer resistances down to 0.1ohm, it is one of the most powerful regulated mods on the market, with a brand-new chipset which is packed full of safety features. We tried out the Invader 3 with plenty of RDAs and tanks, including the Uwell Rafale, and with every push of the fire button, it brings to life anything you can attach to it in a mighty manner. And although the highest wattage we achieved was only about 180 watts because we simply had no atomizer to employ all the power it always fires up without any delays or weird sounds and delivers a power-infused punch of vapor straight to your lungs.

However, users especially less experienced vapers should pay close attention to what batteries they purchase for this device. We used the Sony VTC4 batteries with a maximum continuous discharge rate of 30A, which are a solid choice for a device as powerful as the Invader III. Also, please keep in mind that this is an advanced mod, so keep a close eye on the potentiometer and have an ohm meter handy so that you can check the resistance of your atomizers before firing them up.

Tesla Invader III battery compartment

Price to value ratio

As of April 2016, you can get your Tesla Invader 3 for around US $45-$50. If we take into account the aspects of design, build quality, power and performance, as well as it’s ability to fire almost any atomizer you can think of, the price point is absolutely incredible. Head to DirectVapor for one of the best deals on the Invader III.

What We Didn’t Enjoy About the Tesla Invader 3 Box Mod

Using the Invader 3 for about a week, we didn’t face any significant issues, but we found a couple of things which could’ve been done better.

Lack of LED display

We think that a display with at least the most common readings or just a battery level indicator would’ve been a great fit in this device. Perhaps we are spoiled, but we always enjoy the ability to check what’s really going on with a mod on an LCD display. Nevertheless, the blue indicator light is still beautiful and it will notify the user about most of the things that are going on with their device. In other words, there are many vapers out there who prefer focusing on how their coils perform instead of worrying about what does the LCD screen tell them, and this mod is the one of the best choices for these folks.

Voltage knob

The power output of the Invader 3 is controlled by a potentiometer with increments from “1” to “5” shown on it. Set to “1”, the device outputs 3.7V, while on “5” it gives out 6.6 volts. However, there’s no indication of the current voltage, and the knob is not exactly pretty. Also, the voltage knob is somewhat firm, so if you happen to have wide fingers or short nails, you might need an extra tool, such as a flat head screwdriver or a coin, to adjust it. Other than that, the knob is very straightforward and does it’s job properly it always stays firmly on the selected setting.

Tesla Invader III Voltage Adjustment Knob

No USB charging

Looks like when the folks at Tesla were designing this superpowerful no-frills device, they really meant no-frills. For many vapers, this might not be an issue, but the only way how to get Tesla Invader 3 running is using a stand-alone 18650 battery charger. So, unless you have two extra 18650s, you can forget about vaping while charging.

Final Thoughts

The Tesla Invader 3 mod is a magnificent vaping device! It is a simple, straightforward and affordable power station to satisfy ALL of your cloud chasing needs. The Invader 3 sports a stunning design in vibrant colors and top-of-the-line build quality. The mod is relatively small but quite heavy, and it feels great even in a small hand. Of course, if there was an OLED display and a USB charging option, it would be close to perfect, but perhaps the simplicity of this device is just what you’re looking for. And let’s not forget its surprisingly low price point, which looks even more tempting when you consider the insane amount of power this device delivers.

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