Sigelei Top 1 Review (Box Mod 230W & RDA)

In the beginning let’s start with Sigelei Top 1 Box Mod and after with Sigelei Top 1 RDA tank review. But before that, what you will get in the kit?

What’s in the Kit?

Sigelei Top 1 Starter Kit Review

  • Sigelei Top 1 Box Mod
  • Sigelei Top 1 RDA Tank
  • 2x Coils (1 pre-installed)
  • 2x User Manuals
  • 1x Spare Glass for Tank
  • Worldwide Warranty
  • USB Charing Cable
  • Certificate

Sigelei Top 1 Box Mod Review

Sigelei has released a new mod box called Top 1, with a futuristic look that many will love. We’ll look closely at the features and performance of this mod to see how good it is and see if it’s one of the best vape mods or how to avoid the plague. So let’s continue our investigation.


  • 10 to 230W
  • Temperature control from 200 to 570 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Atomizer resistance range from 0.05 to 3.0 ohms
  • 3-inch TFT round screen
  • Size: 89 x 56 x 32 mm
  • Material: Zinc alloy


Just put a matching paint tank in this mod, it really works! So far really impressed by the design, let’s see how it works! Let’s start with a 0.2-ohm 50W coil to see how the lower levels work. The mod has 3 different power mods, just try it! User mode and normal mode are pretty much the same, you cannot really say much difference, but when you go into a hard mode … wow! The mod is very receptive, it’s like we have the power immediately without expecting anything! I bet you can make great vape rides with this mod! In temperature control mode, go to the settings and change the tank. The performance is as expected and the new chipset works very well in general.


Sigelei Top 1 Starter Kit Review_2

The cars are the subject of the Sigelei Top 1 Box, with their speedometer or a modern speedometer that shows the power and huge Sigelei plate on the back that really looks like a sophisticated kit. The black look mixed with carbon fiber completes the design and gives the aesthetics a real boost. The large color TFT display measures 1.3 “and displays all the information you need, such as power, battery life, and battery life, with additional information such as time and a clock-dial huge dial, but you can switch the screen to yours Needs in the menu. I am not sure if the design is loved by all. The Sigelei Top 1 has the large side button, which is properly positioned when you hold it in your hand, and there are two additional buttons under the screen to adjust the menu’s performance and settings.


This is a 18650 dual battery mode, which can reach the capacity 230W power, it is relatively cheap at around $60-$75, but check below links so that you can find the best deal. To enter the menu area, click the shutter button three times. Here you can customize your mode of temperature or power control and your display settings while using a recently updated Sigelei chipset not previously used. They claim that it is more stable and that production is immediate compared to other changes in the market.

So let’s finish with Sigelei Top 1 Box Mod review and let’s proceed with RDA tank review that comes in the kit

Sigelei Top 1 RDA Tank Review

RDA is what Sigelei calls their Top 1 RDA in the kit. They have made a good paint job that matches the canon with the color of the mod. The top of the drop is a high and wide drop, and I have to say that it is very pleasant. It’s a Goon-style drip tip, and opening the gorge for the drip tip has an O-ring there. Most of my Goon Drip Style Tips are sparse, but they are definitely on the loose side. It is not so loose that it is unusable, but the tip of the stick is much narrower. In general I like the drip tip that was included in this kit and it is very comfortable. I wish they had included a 510 tip-drip adapter. I think every company should follow this standard practice every time they make a Goon-type drip-tip atomizer.


Sigelei Top 1 Starter Kit Review_3

The top cover and barrel are all in one piece. They still have this Sigelei brand in the Porsche brand, in the RDA. There is also another type of character on the opposite side, but to be honest, I really can not understand what it is. It’s a kind of tribal design. The barrel is held by two beautiful O-rings. The tolerance in the O-ring is in the spot. At the bottom of the base there are some brands of Top1 and Sigelei. There is also a gilded 510 pen that looks almost like a pen. There is a hole, but it does not reach the inside cover of the atomizer. I can not remember having seen a 510 pin like this before. Pin 510 is surrounded by an insulating ring and the stainless steel thread is very soft.


The airflow slots in this RDA correspond to the airflow slots in the cylinder. The ones in the gorge are Cyclops style slots and line up with the larger slots on the deck. The airflow slots in the platform are tilted down and up. In other words, the upper part of the slot is inclined downwards and the lower part of the slot is inclined upwards. I guess it’s to maximize the airflow and make sure the air from every part of the slot hits your coil. On the side of the platform, between the two holes, are the screws of the platform. These are hex bolts and they are very easy to reach. I had no problems with the platform screws and they seem to be of good quality. I was a little surprised that this kit does not include an additional platform screw.

Built-in Features

This RDA is a platform without after-sales and is built for double wheels. It’s a strange deck that can be very painful to build. It has these high airflow slots for the side airflow, but on one side of each airflow slot, a metal bar passes. This bar really prevents you from trying to create and improve this RDA. This hampers the coil when you try to put it on, and when you hit it you literally need a pair of pliers to do the job. They are almost like handrails for the RDA and they really do not have to be there. What they avoid is that the user can use the deck. I do not understand what the designer thought when they made this RDA, but because of those stupid pieces of metal, this RDA is really a pain in the neck to build. I have no idea what they are or why they are there. If the designer’s goal was to build a boring tombstone, he was definitely successful.


I love it when manufacturers are proud of their work, and of course, Sigelei has it here. Can it be considered one of the best e-cigs in its class? Well, no, not really. It’s a magnet, but just for a certain taper and the lack of configurations or original features, it’ll just disappoint. However, to adapt to this new design, they had to design a new chipset that is not only functional but respond well and is more than likely for most vapers. I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any questions or comments, just leave them below.

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You can also find out more at Sigelei’s official website.

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