VOOPOO Alpha One 222w TC Box Mod Review

VOOPOO is could be entered the gate late but their successive products can give relief to this time. The Alpha One 222W Box Mod is their main entry in the category. Designed in California, the Alpha One 222W Box Mod is a departure from the “fun” and “extravagant” gadgets of recent times and goes back to basics in appearance. The simple zinc alloy body is a simple “rectangular” shape, a design option that reverts to the front adjustment and firing buttons. The simple design is enhanced by the inclusion of straight and vertical lines stamped on the sidewalls, giving the Mod a textured look that enhances its distinctive “geometric” style.

First Impression

voopoo alpha one review

The VOOPOO Alpha One comes in a drawer-shaped box. Mine is silver and gray. On the top level of the box, you will find the mod. Remove the upper and lower levels of the box, there will be a USB cable and several documents for the Alpha One. If you take that into your hands, you know it’s a VOOPOO mod. I think that’s the feeling VOOPOO is looking for. At first glance, the VOOPOO Alpha One reminds me of a Sony 80s Walkman that looks like the Play, Advance, and Rewind buttons on a walkman of the time. To be honest, I dig the retro look. I grew up in the 80s and I think it’s no big surprise.


  • Material: Zinc alloy
  • Power: 5-222 W
  • Size: 89.5 mm * 54 mm * 25 mm
  • Battery: 2 * 18650 (charge balance support charging batteries)
  • Output voltage range: 0-7.5V
  • The lowest resistance in power mode: 0.05 ohms
  • Lowest resistance in TC mode: 0.05 ohms
  • New feature: love mode
  • TC mode: SS, NI, TI, NC
  • Color: black / gray / pearl chrome


Thanks to new machining techniques, VOOPOO has been able to produce thinner chassis walls, which means that the mod is lighter than traditional metal devices, but retains the strength and durability that make these devices so popular. Apart from that, this mod also has excellent features that include a maximum power of 222 watts and an impressive shot speed of 0.025 seconds. Responsible for this is the tailor-made Gen. Fan chip of the military class and users can expect a highly efficient device with variable wattage, which has an efficiency of 95%. In addition, experienced users have not been completely neglected, and in addition, a “mechanical mode” setting has been added that is able to produce a Mech-like performance in a safe and regulated Box-Mods configuration.

However, the fascinating feature of Alpha One Box Mod may be the introduction of a completely new mode of operation, simply called “LOVE” mode. Described as an “active mode of attention for high-performance outputs”, the AMOR pulse mode claims to provide a “wavy output” that provides a smoother user experience for higher performance steamers. Although it is difficult to understand how a performance mode can be described as “active attention,” it’s a creative addition to the model and a pretty interesting point of sale in general.


voopoo alpha one review

The VOOPOO Alpha One has a very nice 510 connection and like its predecessor, the 510 is pretty solid in this mod. The 510 is held with two small star screws. The plate on the top of the 510 has a symmetrical triangular design with very light cuts. The thread in the 510 is extremely smooth and so far, any atomizer I’ve used has been rinsed easily. Pin 510 is golden and firm, but elastic. It has a good start. I really hope other big Mods marketers will start using 510 pins like this one. I mean, VOOPOO is a relatively new player in the game and I’ve found that one of the best components for a quality mod is a 510 quality pin.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Quality of construction Hard Edges
Chipset Retro look
TC is legitimate 80 watt limit in TC
Nice 510
The battery door is fixed
It has the full 222 watts
Customizable software
Firmware that can be updated
Good battery
The hard edges give a very solid feeling
No button or rattle on the battery door
Extremely simple menu system
It has a smart mode for new vapors
Easy to read and bright screen
Shoot quickly
95% efficiency
Love mode makes Vaping more comfortable with high performance
Available software
Subtle note
Atomizer 25 mm without surface adjustment


In general, I have to say that I am very impressed by my experience with the VOOPOO Alpha One. Is it the best, most complete, most impressive Mod on the market? No, but in TC mode and Power mode, it is very accurate. Is this mod for everyone? No, I think the look will really hamper it because many people will not like the look of the mod. Another thing that could reduce its market share is the feeling that it radiates when it is in your hands. It has very rough edges with a sense of roughness. I bet many women Vapers do not want this mod in their hands. It does not have the smooth curves or outlines that most Vapers seem to favor. It’s a nice mod and high performance at a very affordable price.

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