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The Augvape Skynet 24mm Sub-Ohm Tank is another prevalent mesh tank that you will desire to have (and an extra pack of loops) in case you’re into ignoramus mists and extreme flavor. Moreover, the Skynet loop (Kanthal) breaks in quicker than some other curl I am aware of. Close to vaping this beast execution sub-ohm I was vaping at 100%. I adore it when I get the chance to write a review on an item that in a split second turns into a top pick.

What makes this vape special?

The Augvape Skynet Sub-Ohm highlights 5.1mL air pocket glass tank area (default) and the Augvape Skynet Coil System. The Skynet base top has a triple wind current spaces that will permit gigantic draws and high wattage pulls without excessively warm vapor. The preinstalled Mesh Coil Head is appraised at 0.15-ohm (enlisting on my Lost Vape Triade at 0.14-ohm) with a wattage scope of 60-80W, or, in other words. Opening the wind current spaces completely I vape at 87W and the vapor is just “heat”, however, the mists and flavor are unbelievable.

All things considered, regardless of performing perfectly at 87 and even 90W, the preinstalled curl kept going only 5 days before the flavor began to dull. I took in my exercise and introduced the extra Coil Head (the equivalent 0.15-ohm 60-80W Mesh Coil), brought down the wattage to 79W, and I’m presently on my 7thday of utilization. Up until this point, I’ve seen no debasement following an entire seven day stretch of amazing vaping.

Features of Augvape Skynet:

Augvape Skynet Tank ReviewFirst one is squat 810 drip tip. This is the sort of drip tip you find on rivalry RDA’s; short, impervious to warm, and sufficiently wide to pack your lungs with vapor. While you anticipate that your lips will contact the metal best top, the heat never achieves the best top to the point where you’ll see it awkward. The finished top falls off with a straightforward bend and uncovers two extensive fill openings for quick and simple refills. Since there are two fill spaces, it enables the air in the tank to escape rapidly through one opening while the client is filling the tank with the other. The best top has a marginally knurled feel to it, making it simple to hold and turn.

The air pocket glass tank area feels like a thicker, excellent glass, less inclined to cushioning amid a fall. I can’t promise to it, yet it feels thick, tough, and completely clear.

I’ll incorporate an inside take a gander at the Mesh Coils, so you can all the more likely see how Mesh Coils take into the account more surface zone to come into contact with e-liquid soaked into the cotton, while the warmth from your mod in a flash vaporizes more e-liquid in the meantime then non-Mesh Coils. This additional surface territory takes into consideration both profound veils of mist and flavor, yet it likewise makes for one parched tank.

The Augvape Skynet Tank worked from excellent stainless steel and fortified glass. Lamentably, Augvape has incorporated a little, straight glass segment that holds the only 3.6mL of eJuice, and should the day come where you have to utilize it, you can anticipate that that 3.6mL will go quick. This IS one tank that merits two 5.1mL air pocket glass areas.

In conclusion, the Skynet tank utilizes Augvape’s 0.15 ohms Mesh Coil only. Be that as it may, truly, I can’t see anybody needing to utilize whatever else in the Skynet.


The Augvape Skynet Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank is genuinely outstanding amongst other sub-ohms available at the present time. In the time that I’ve been utilizing this well-made powerhouse, I’ve encountered no releasing, no spit back, simply unadulterated and happy vaping. To finish it off, this is additionally the first Augvape gadget I’ve utilized. It is just exceptional. In case you’re searching for a ground-breaking vape with thick delightful billows of vapor, and immaculateness of flavors, and wouldn’t fret the 5.1mL limit, this $23 tank will be extraordinary compared to other items you’ll purchase this year.

You can find out more at Augvape’s official website!

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