The Fast Rising Vaping Trend: 2019 Update

The past few years witnessed the hot topic of vaping take over the headlines often. While the harmful effects of smoking slowly started getting through to people, their hunt for safer and affordable alternatives was finally successful. Many experts and researchers have shared information about how vaping can be an alternative to smoking as well as with strong innovation can become a safe method too. Also, Marijuana legalization in various states has stimulated people across the world to look for best quality cannabis seeds as well as know more about vaping methods.  In fact, encouraging innovations pave the way for the 2019 vaping trends that we can look forward to with the promise of strong growth potential.

1. It will become a style trend of its own: While the popularity of vaping is often credited to being an alternative to smoking, the innovation in the past few years have been a progressive move towards making it a style trend of its own. Even non-smokers enjoy engaging in vaping amazing flavors and with more companies emerging in this sphere plenty of options for all are about to reach the market in 2019. Instead of being a substitute, vaping will catch up as a trend on its own among various age groups this year. It will become a millennial fashion trend.

2.A lot more flexibility in vape kits: 2018 saw various companies coming up with a range of their own vape pens. Most of these vape kits started with a limited number of flavor choices such as PODKits but have expanded to almost every flavor you would like now. The flavor range, as well as more brand interest in creating vape kits, is a trend you can expect in 2019. New kits that offer longer battery life, expanded compatibility to various types of battery modules, faster charging etc, are the innovation we can expect for this year. Customized kits will also become common in the market. These kits will grow in the market parallel to Cannabis which is expanding with the help of free grow bible.

3.Modification and customization in shape, and styles of e-cigarettes: The emergence of vaping pens as a fashion trend paves way for offering a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and customizations that offers a sense of uniqueness to people. The year 2019 will see companies offering customized pen styles, vape juices etc,  to make the experience more relatable to individual users.

4.A range of e-liquids with varying nicotine level: This particular trend will be a positive reinforcement for people looking to quit smoking. While a blunt stop to smoking is impossible reducing the levels of nicotine step by step can help a lot of people to quit the habit. Also, the flavor full juices in these e-liquids make the task easier. Nicotine free e-liquids are also available for people who would like to experience the fun of vaping. Locating flavorful products have become easier and more such products are expected to reach shelves in 2019.

5.Effective designs of vaping mods: Since the emergence of vaping, vape pens and mods have gone through several innovative changes in terms of design as well as utility. This year the trend would indicate designs that offer increased capacity of vape juice tanks that are also aesthetically pleasing. Similarly, effective atomizers, added accessories and most importantly durable designs to make these pens last longer and user-friendly modules will emerge in the market with various brands trying to focus on these aspects. Like Ontario cannabis, large variety and trusted products will expand the customer base.

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6. The government will turn a positive corner towards vape pens and e-cigarettes: 2018 saw the FDA taking moral stands towards the morality of youths when it came to discussing vaping. But most government organizations have had this attitude towards vaping as a way of protecting tobacco corporations rather than protecting the people says Clivin Bates. But the evolving interest among users will turn a positive corner towards vaping and expand the market for the product. This will eventually promote positive regulatory measures towards the products.

7.E-juices with better consistency and more vapor capacity will become common: People who enjoy the dense vapor and creating smoke clouds will definitely rejoice this trend. This year`s products will contain more vegetable glycerine that will enhance the consistency of the vape juices as well as give them more sweetness. This will make them easier on the throat and leave the flavors to exist longer making the experience better. Most companies will look at about 70% VG content from this year.

8.Advanced e-cigarette kits and devices: Brands have been constantly working on the innovation front to create devices that give better vaping experience to users and ones that last long. Durable and portable low-cost devices will become more popular in 2019 to cater to more users along with a long line of exciting new flavors of e-juices with low nicotine content.

Negative voices in recent years have had no significant impact on the users. In fact, the sector has been witnessing an exponential growth in the past few years and this trend is expected to continue. Also, various countries such as UK, New-Zealand, and Canada look at vaping as a means of eliminating tobacco which means regulations that support the expansion of this industry can be expected to emerge this year. Like best online dispensary Canada, E-cigarette shops have also multiplied in the past years and this year it’s expected to grow further.

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