Ways to Extend the Life of Your Vaporizer Battery

With the growing fame of CBD Oil, there have been improvements in the mode of consumption with developments such as vaping emerging. With the legalization, finding CBD Oil in Canada is easier than ever.

 Most users prefer vaping to traditional smoking; a study shows that vaping is a healthier way of consuming cannabis as compared to conventional smoking. When you want to enjoy more days of good vape, then a vaporizer in good condition is critical. To do so, you need to ensure you carefully look after your vaporizer’s battery. Even with constant use, proper care extends the life of your vaping devices. The battery is a crucial part of the vaping device as it is responsible for supplying power to the atomizer. The vaporizer is the heating element for the conversion of the e-juice to vapor to take place.

Following are some points to keep in mind to extend the life of your vaporizer battery:

1. Turn off your device after use

Turning off your device after using saves power. Most of the vaping devices have firing button locks and sleep modes. Though convenient, sleep mode still passively drains your battery. Shut the device off entirely if you want to extend the life of your vaping device’s battery.

2. Store your device properly

Direct exposure to sunlight and heat may cause damage to the battery. Also, store them away from moisture as this may affect the quality of your vape. Most people do not consider where they store their vaporizer. It’s risky as your device may easily roll or drop, thus damaging it. Sudden drops and impacts affect your battery’s lifespan.

3. Do not overcharge your battery


Unplugging your charger once you charge your device extends the lifespan of your device’s battery. Overcharging your device wears down your battery gradually. Purchase a charger that automatically turns itself off once charging is complete. To further extend the life of your battery, pick a method of charging that is generally slow. The slower the charging is, the lower the chances of overcharging. The quality of the vapes you buy also plays a crucial role in its long-time operation. You can get top vaporizers at Vaporizer Chief that has a range of options to buy from.

4. Charge your vaping devices before storing

Note that this does not imply that you overcharge your battery when leaving it for long durations. When you are not using your battery for days or weeks, ensure you do not leave it uncharged. Leaving it uncharged breaks down the battery’s internal structures. It also makes it hard to recharge again and may even take longer durations to charge it to full capacity. Also, leaving it on while not fully charged, slowly drains off the power while in storage. It affects its lifespan, forcing you to purchase a new one in no time.

5. Ensure you do not drain your vaporizer’s battery

Charge your device before it is completely drained. Draining your battery ultimately affects your battery and the quality of your vape negatively.  Practically, a cell with a small percentage of charge left charges faster compared to one with a dead battery.  It speeds up charging durations for your device and extends the battery’s life.

6. Rotate the batteries often

Just like cellphones, ensure you use your batteries regularly. Having a couple of cells at your disposal gives you the advantage of rotating through them annually. Rotating them ensures they all get cycled. Leaving some unused wears them down. Try using your batteries daily, even if it is for short durations. It helps keep your batteries functional.

7. Keep your vaping devices’ battery clean

A clean battery ensures you get a pleasurable vape. Just like with all utensils, after continuous use of a vape device will make the battery dirty. While vaping, your battery may quickly encounter spills. Besides, mixing different e-liquid flavours will also render it greasy over time. A clear indication that your vaping devices require cleaning is when you start experiencing ‘flavour ghosting’ in your vape. The causes of these flavour ghosting are the residue from previous vapes, and thus your battery requires substantial cleaning.

Dirt weakens the connection of the batteries to the vaporizer. It strains the battery harder for it to produce the power needed to give you a quality vape. This strain reduces the overall lifespan of the battery. The device drains off quickly, thus forcing you to charge it frequently.

A clean battery improves the performance of the vaping device, increases the duration of your charge, and enhances the quality of your vape. Clean the threads on the charger and those on the vaporizer before and after charging. Dirt may also lengthen the duration of time your vaping device takes to react and give a vape.

Some may pose the question of how long does it take for CBD oil to work? The duration takes to kick in depends on a variety of factors such as dose, current health status, as well as the method used. You can look for an online CBD marketplace that offers a variety of products. When CBD Oil is vaporized, for example, absorption into the blood through the lungs is almost immediate. Thus, the effects quickly reach the brain and body receptors. These effects may not last more than 1-3 hours after consumption.

8. Watch out on the battery’s temperature

Once you fully charge your battery, unplug it and give it time to cool off before using it. Denying it ample time to cool down will reduce its lifespan. Ensure you do not use your battery when its temperatures are very low. The reactions that occur inside the battery are not as efficient in cold temperatures, thereby reducing the quality of your vape. Also, subjecting your battery to sudden heating may damage it. High temperatures are responsible for most of the battery damages even in cellphones. If for example, the temperatures are above 113 degrees, the battery begins to age faster, leading to a shorter life.


Above are some of the sure ways to extend the lifespan of your vaping device’s battery. Developing proper charging etiquette will reduce the trips you make to replace your battery as well as improve the quality of your vape.

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