How to Use a Vape Pen With Oil, Wax, E-Juice & Dry Herb

You can term vaping as one of the fastest-growing trends amidst the teens and young adults. It has made a significant place in the smoking industry with its innumerable health benefits. Vaping is convenient, and it helps the users to put an end to the traditional smoking methods, which are far more fatal than an e-cigarette.

With the growing demand to vape, the manufacturers are now expanding the vaping products to serve a greater mass. This very reason is granting the customers a diverse option of consuming their favorite substance which may comprise something other than regular nicotine. 

Vaping has made the consumption of cannabis extremely convenient for frequent users. Previously, vaping substances were available minimal forms though, fortunately, the trend is making manufacturers produce a diverse variety of it to make a selection. Day by day, the market of vaping is updating to keep up with the trend of which is why the usage of vape pens are preferable over several other options that are currently available on the market.

Options such as dry herb, wax, oil, tinctures, and e-juices are some of these though the ignorance regarding their usage persists. So, before choosing the right option for yourself, it is essential that you know how exactly vaping through vape pen works in general and with any of these options.

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Vaping and vape pens

Vaping is similar to a cigarette, but only a better version of it. It offers similar effects as the traditional methods though the adverse impact is comparatively lesser. The practice demands the users to inhale a lungful of vapor out of the vaporizer. The vape pens have now replaced the dull means of enjoying your cannabis or nicotine and replaced it with an extremely manageable and straightforward approach of e-smoking. Vape pens being one of the favorite ones.

Vape pen as the name suggests is similar to a pen, which adds points to its convenience. It is a device that efficiently heats up to vaporize your favorite components that you can consume with ease. Devices such as Flyte pen contain an atomizer, battery, mouthpiece, and cartridge that work together to produce vapors of the concentrate or substance which is present in the cartridge. Vape pens are highly discreet and grant the user an overall smoothness with its usage. You may not have to feel troubled with this approach of consumption as it does not require any expertise to use it. Just refill the cartridge, and you are good to go. Although the usage is easy, the choice of substance can be extremely confusing for a newbie, so what should one choose? Here are four of the most widely used forms of cannabis that you can receive benefits through vaping. Understanding their usage may help you to make a decision on which one can be the best buy for you.

  • Vaping with e-juice: E-juices are the most common way to consume cannabis or nicotine, which is preferred by a majority of users. Prefilled e-juice cartridges that are incredibly user-friendly are readily available on the market.

 E-juices offer different flavors and strengths that you can choose from to consume. Using vape pens with e-juices does not need many efforts. All you have to do is follow simple steps.

* Fill your vaping tank with e-juice or use a pre-filled cartridge.

* Let the vaporizer do its work by heating the juices

* Start with inhaling a small puff to check the strength and then draw a few more puffs to feel the hit.

* Make sure that you recharge your batteries and keep the device switched off at the time of no usage.

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  • Vaping with oil: People often prefer to obtain medicinal effects of cannabis through vape pens by using it in the form of CBD. CBD assures innumerable benefits and is a good source of healing properties. Vaping provides higher bioavailability and is considered to be one of the best methods for consumption. On the other hand, CBD oil is full of various health benefits. So, combining these two can provide you with excellent results.

There is not much difference in using CBD oil or e-juices through vape pens, though you need a separate oil cartridge to use the oil. Depending upon your preference, you can also choose from an oil cartridge or a glass globe attachment. Besides this, if you have careless handling, then you can also go for a silicone bong which is more durable and long-lasting than a traditional vape pen.

  • Vaping with dry herb:  If you think using a cigarette or joint is the only method to enjoy your favorite strains, then you are wrong. Vape pens also allow its users to use dry herbs as a consumption method. Instead of vaporizing the dry herbs, the gadget combusts the strains of dry herb to provide you with its effect. For this, you need a sperate dry herb cartridge attachment.

 While using the vape pen as an e-cigar, you must maintain the cleanliness of the mouthpiece, cartridge and every other part of your vaporizer to maintain its hygiene. It has a similar feel to it as smoking, so traditional smokers will not be left disappointed.

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  • Vaping with wax: Vape pens also offer their users to use wax as their vape concentrates. The idea of using wax for vaping may sound unhygienic and complicated, but once you understand its working, it gets effortless to use. To use wax for vaping, you may need a glass globe attachment or a concentrate cartridge. Do not overfill the cartridge to prevent leaking and you are good to go!

These are a few of the many methods that you can use your vape pen. Along with understanding the correct way of using a vape pen with the relevant form of substance, make sure that you maintain your equipment at all times. This will surely increase the life of your device, allowing you its usage for a more extended period.

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