7 Vape Pairings You Need to Try Today

According to studies, vaping is a much safer way to heighten your experience with marijuana or tobacco compared to smoking. Besides safety and convenience, it allows you to use delicious flavors and healthy micronutrients like CBD (cannabidiol) into your sessions. Picking the right e-juice and flavor to vape is an experimental process that is solely dependent on your personal preferences. However, some pairings are simply incredible for both new and seasoned vapers. Whether you prefer the traditional tobacco flavor from your favorite brand or fancy modern fruit and food blends, there are several excellent pairings you can try to elevate your vaping experience. Below is a brief look at seven:

1.Tropical fruit flavors with wine

Smoking to a bottle of crispy wine is one of the traditional experiences tobacco users love. Vaping only makes it easier to add more natural flavors that blend with your wine and when looking for new ingenious combinations, nothing beats tropical fruits. You can find vape juice flavors with hints of single tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, or guava. You can even find fruit blends to excite all your taste buds. Tropical fruit flavors are quite refreshing, so it is essential to know the amount that you vape each day. If you like to set up the mood before vaping, find a cool place on the beach or watch the sunset from a hillside. Tropical fruit flavors match well with Chardonnay and crisp acidic wines, but you can experiment with your favorite brand.

2.Lemonade flavor with iced tea

Beverages like tea and coffee offer more pairing options with something extra in your vaping sessions. For iced tea, lemon and peach flavors provide the best combination. These fruits are popular matches for iced tea in restaurants, which evokes a familiar refreshing feeling. You can use pure lemon or peach flavors for a start. If you want a different taste, use lemonade flavors with hints of other aromatic fruits like grapefruit or raspberry. Pairing lemonade flavors with iced tea is perfect for a hot summer afternoon or a day at the beach. The lemon kick also provides a unique balance to calm down your tea jitters. You can also make a tea cocktail with fresh lemon slices and light liquor.

3.Croissant flavor with coffee

Croissant and coffee is a classic combination prevalent in European countries like France. Baked goods like cakes and croissants also go well with coffee and chocolate. As such, pairing pasty-based e-liquid flavors with caffeine drinks offers one of the best vaping experiences for any stage vaper. If you want a near similar experience of eating a fresh croissant, you can find flavors that feature the buttery dough, chocolate toppings, and almond cream. Remember to find tasty coffee recipes with powdered sugar, ice-cream, and vanilla extracts. This pairing is both creamy and satisfying. You can also add gelato, pastry cream, bacon, and honey to start your day on a full stomach.

4.Peppermint vanilla flavor with a cheeseburger

Vanilla is one of the sweetest vaping flavors, especially since more vapers can relate to the experience. Whether you add vanilla extracts to a milkshake or use it in your early morning coffee, it leaves behind a sweet aftertaste that keeps your buds excited all day. Peppermint vanilla flavors are perfect for early morning and late evening vaping sessions. Studies also indicate that peppermint is ideal for athletic performance, so this pairing can suit your evening runs. What’s more, pairing peppermint vanilla flavors with cheeseburger brings back the old milkshake-burger sensation leaving in sweet delight. The mint flavor also boosts your appetite for the fatty layers of a cheeseburger. You can experiment with different burger toppings for better experiences. Make sure you use fresh toppings and delicious cheeseburger recipes. 

5.Lemon flavor with chicken

Lime flavors work well with chicken and beef entrees in many traditional recipes. As such, pairing lemon vape flavors with chicken is an easy decision for experienced vapers. If you are new to this kind of pairing, one great recipe you can try is the chicken korma. With its spicy ginger, turmeric, garlic, and chilly flavors, this traditional dish offers a perfect pairing for lime vapes. Lemon simply compliments the spices in your chicken. You can also add hints of fruity flavors like plums for a bit of exotic style. Make sure you pick matching ingredients and spices for your chicken recipe.

6.Strawberry flavor with chocolate cake

The majority of vapers have a sweet tooth, so chocolate cakes and cookies are favorite treats. If you prefer to vape while enjoying your day break chocolate bites, adding strawberry flavors can boost your experience to a new level of satisfaction. There is no doubt that the strawberry chocolate pairing is among the best options for any vaper. You can also vape strawberry flavors with a cup of hot cocoa or éclair. Nonetheless, if you want to keep it simple, choose the traditional chocolate bar or cake. The strawberry-flavored vape juice can also include hints of vanilla to give your buds a smooth aftertaste.

7.Smooth tobacco flavor with beer


If you came into vaping from smoking the good old cigarette, you must still have a preference for your traditional tobacco brands. Combining tobacco flavours with beer is one of the addictive pairings that can leave you feeling satisfied, stimulated and mellow at the same time. You can find reputable-quality craft beer to pair with your favourite tobacco brand of flavour. Smooth tobacco flavours work best, but you can also add notes of toasted almonds, caramel, or vanilla. Besides this, thick smoke lovers can also pair it with a high-quality gravitron bong. You can also experiment with flavoured-beers to see if it makes your sessions any better.


There are several other pairings you can try. One great thing about pairing flavors with meals and drinks is that there is no best combination for everyone. You can experiment with pretty much any flavors and foods you like. Vaping allows you to pair flavors with your favorite meals, fruits, and drinks. However, it is essential to find high-quality vape juice, flavors and foods or beverages. You should also use a reliable vaporizer that gives you more control of the heat and draw. These observations allow you to enjoy your paired sessions without any disruptions or disappointments.

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