5 Amazing Hemp Oil Benefits for Hair

Hemp oil is a marijuana extract that has gained a lot of popularity across the globe. This product has proved its efficacy in treating different medical issues from inflammations to skin disorders. Hemp oil also contains less THC, the cannabis compound that makes you high, which allows you to enjoy the benefits without experiencing any side effects.

Using hemp oil and other quality marijuana products like kief that are readily available online is good for your health. But in this article, we look at how using hemp oil enables you to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

1. Enhances Proper Hair Growth

Everyone loves seeing their hair grow fast because it makes them look more attractive. However, that does not sometimes happen because your hair might have some infections that cause inflammations hence tampering with normal and healthy hair growth.

The best way to ensure your hair grows properly is by getting rid of any inflammation issues that your hair might have like folliculitis. Folliculitis is a fungal or bacterial infection that causes some inflammation in your hair follicles. This condition can sometimes seem less severe, but it worsens with time, even causing permanent scars and hair loss. The good news is that you can use hemp oil to reduce inflammations.

Hemp oil is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These acids contain many anti-inflammatory properties. So, using hemp oil regularly allows these fatty acids to positively interact with the inflammation on your skin and reduce it effectively, hence leaving the hair healthier while creating better conditions for proper growth. Even if you do not have folliculitis, using hemp oil helps you to keep your hair and its follicles inflammation-free, thus allowing the hair to grow much faster. Alternatively, for faster results, one can try medications containing potent steroids from reputed industry leader retailers.

2. Moisturizes Hair

Moisturizing your hair is one significant thing that you must do more often if you want healthy and beautiful hair. Failure to do this frequently leaves your hair dry hence making them more vulnerable to breakage when combing or styling. Regular breakage will not only deter your hair from growing longer but can also damage the scalp making it more susceptible to infections.

Hemp oil is an excellent moisturizer for your hair because it’s among the best emollients available on the market. An emollient is a substance that most manufacturers include in their beauty products to help the skin maintain its elasticity, smoothness, and softness.

When you apply hemp oil on your hair, it goes to the stratum corneum and acts as a moisturizer. Doing so reverses any existing dryness hence ensuring that your hair has enough moisture for optimum growth and health. The exact way that hemp oil acts as a moisturizer is not clear yet. As researches investigate this, make sure that you use it in moderation to avoid any possible side effects.

3. Gives Your Hair Maximum Protection

Your hair and scalp are exposed most of the time, which increases the chances of damaging the skin and getting some infections. If your skin does not have excellent protection, then that makes it hard to maintain proper hair growth. So, how can using hemp oil help in protecting your hair?

Hemp oil contains Gamma Linolenic Acid, a fatty substance inside hemp oil, that your body converts to different elements to help in treating various conditions. This GLA acid can reduce and protect your scalp from cell damage. Doing that ensures that your hair grows properly and that you do not get any infections that could accelerate or cause premature aging. Before buying, make sure you visit getkush.ca for a detailed review of hemp oil and its effect on hair. 

4. Helps Prevent and Reverse Hair Loss

Experiencing hair loss has become so common these days since many people do not take care or don’t know how to prevent and reverse it. Hair loss can be embarrassing, especially if you are young. One major reason that can cause hair loss is not having enough linoleic acids in your daily diet.

Hemp oil is rich in linoleic acid. Adding it to your diet can help get enough linoleic acids in your system, which will help enable you to reverse or reduce hair loss.

Hemp oil is also noncomedogenic. Using hemp oil allows you to unclog the pores on your scalp since it has some linoleic acids, thus reducing the chances of experiencing hair loss.

According to the mayo clinic, anxiety is liked with hair loss. So, to prevent that one should consume Hemp products that help with anxiety and hence reducing the chances of hair loss.

5. Gets Rid of Dandruff

Dandruff is a common skin condition but can be very embarrassing and is sometimes tricky to treat. This condition makes the scalp itchy and can be severe sometimes, thus making you grow weak hair.

A major cause of dandruff is not eating omega 3 acids. Luckily, hemp oil has many omega 3 acids. Therefore, taking hemp oil regularly gives the body enough omega 3 acids hence enabling it to reduce dandruff and protect you from getting any in the future.


With all these benefits to your hair, hemp oil is the best product to consider when caring for your hair. It allows you to prevent and heal various hair issues that can affect how they look. Serious hair issues also affect your self-confidence, which is why you need to manage any hair condition immediately.

Fortunately, finding hemp oil and medical marijuana products is easy. You can get it from the nearest store or online platforms. Besides, you can grow the plant at your home to control the produces and enjoy continuous supply. Just makes sure to get high-quality feminized cannabis seeds to get excellent results.

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