6 Simple Tips for Having a Great Vaping Experience With a Cigalike

No matter how much the vaping industry may continue to evolve and change, there will always be a contingent of people who buy cigalikes – the oldest vaping devices still on the market – and love them. For recent converts from smoking – especially those who smoked for many years – there’s just something comforting about holding a device that actually looks and feels like a cigarette. It’s entirely possible that cigalikes will continue to exist as long as tobacco cigarettes exist. Vaping companies like V2 Cigs UK make the most of that fact by ensuring that they always stock plenty of cigalikes and cigalike supplies for new vapers.

So, are you a new cigalike owner? Cigalikes are designed to give you the simple, friendly vaping experience that you need when you’re in the initial stages of the not-always-easy transition from smoking to vaping. Just screw on a cartridge, puff and enjoy – vaping with a cigalike is almost as easy as smoking an actual cigarette. That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t make your experience even better with a few simple tweaks. Are you ready to enjoy the absolute best vaping experience that your e-cigarette can provide? These tips can help.

Learn How to Puff

The first thing that you’ll need to do if you want to have the best possible vaping experience with a cigalike is learn how to puff properly. When you first began smoking cigarettes, you quickly learned that putting a bit of extra air pressure behind your puff would make a cigarette burn down faster, producing a greater volume of smoke. You can’t do that with an e-cigarette, though, because you’ll actually suck e-liquid through the air tube of your cartridge or tank. If you want your cigalike to produce bigger clouds, you’ll need to take long, slow puffs with light air pressure.

Is your cigalike a bit slow to heat up and begin producing some real vapor clouds? Take a short “primer puff” to heat your e-cigarette’s coil up before taking the longer puff that you actually intend to inhale.

Try a Battery With a Manual Button

E-cigarettes with automatic puff sensors are fun because you can hold them between two fingers and really create the illusion that they’re the same as tobacco cigarettes. The problem with an automatic puff sensor, though, is that there’s always a slight delay before the sensor kicks in and your device starts to produce vapor. It’ll feel less like a tobacco cigarette, but you’ll get bigger clouds if you use a cigalike with a manual fire button. Since you can start holding the button before you puff, you’ll get noticeably bigger vapor clouds out of your e-cigarette.

Look Beyond Tobacco and Menthol Flavors

When you first make the switch to vaping, it’s natural that you’d seek out a familiar experience and try cartridges with tobacco and menthol flavors. The flavor designers in the vaping industry have done an excellent job of creating e-liquids that recreate those familiar flavors, but they’ve also done far more than that. Have you ever smoked a cigarette that tasted like a jelly-filled pastry or a fruit smoothie? Of course you haven’t – but those are the types of flavors that come out of the vaping industry every day. A large part of the fun in vaping is seeking out and trying new and unusual flavors. You’re missing out on that fun if you never buy anything but tobacco or menthol e-liquids. Visit your local vape shop and see what’s on the shelves. You’ll be very glad that you decided to dip your toes into the wide world of e-liquid flavors.

Try Filling Your Own Cartridges

Some cigalikes – the Vuse is one example – are proprietary. An e-cigarette with proprietary hardware isn’t compatible with the attachments or accessories for other e-cigarettes. Most cigalikes, however, use industry standard threads with names such as 510 and KR-808. If you know which type of threading your e-cigarette has, you can buy accessories that’ll work with your e-cigarette’s battery. Try buying some empty cartridges or tanks and filling them yourself with bottled e-liquid. Even if the manufacturer of your e-cigarette offers a wide selection of refill cartridges, you’ll still enjoy an even greater selection if you buy bottled e-liquid. There are hundreds of different e-liquid flavors in the world, and no single person could possibly try them all. Remember, though, that you should avoid e-liquids with the label “Max VG” if you use a cigalike. The more vegetable glycerin an e-liquid contains, the thicker the e-liquid is. With a small vaping device such as a cigalike, an extremely thick e-liquid will not give you a good experience.

Buy Spares for Critical Components

If a critical component of your e-cigarette stops working, you do not want to use an overpriced e-cigarette from the local convenience store while you wait for a replacement e-cigarette to arrive in the mail. Electronic devices can fail unexpectedly. It’s a good idea to have more than one battery and charger available so you can continue vaping if a critical component fails. Having spare components available is doubly important if you don’t have a local convenience store that carries vaping gear. You do not want to encounter a situation in which you’re forced to buy a pack of tobacco cigarettes.

Invest in a Portable Charging Case

A portable battery charging case is an incredibly useful e-cigarette accessory that’s always worth the investment. A portable charging case has an internal battery that can usually charge an e-cigarette battery several times. Most charging cases also provide storage space for refill cartridges. A portable charging case carries everything that you need to get through the work day, and it also makes it possible for you to transport your e-cigarette in a container that looks and feels much like a pack of cigarettes. Some portable battery chargers are a bit on the expensive side. Once you buy one, though, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

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