How To Have An Incredible Magic Mushrooms Experience Every Time

Whether you are a first-timer with magic mushrooms or have tried them a few times, a psychedelic trip can be intense and overwhelming. You can always expect the unexpected, even if you are a seasoned user. It makes sense to take a more mindful approach to shrooms if you want to avail the best they have to offer.  Good preparation and guidance can take you a long way when it comes to having the most incredible magic mushroom experience every time. Here are some useful pieces of advice that can help.

Be willing to accept

A psychedelic experience may have different outcomes for different people. At times, no two trips may even be the same for the same person. You may feel bliss, confusion or discomfort, or even a combination of all three. When you take the plunge, you should be willing to accept whatever comes your way. Take good trips in a stride and do not obsess about the bad ones. Start with an open and positive mindset, even if you didn’t have a good one the last time.

Surround yourself with people you love

A trip with magic mushrooms can make you delirious, so seek the company of people you can trust to take good care of you in that state of mind. You should also be sure that they wouldn’t freak out or judge you because you will need support more than anything else. If you have never tried shrooms before, you need to be extra careful. As a rule, never take your first trip alone. You can consider doing it under the guidance of a friend who has a good experience. 

Be mindful about the strain and dosage

Another factor that determines the intensity of a shroom trip is the strain you consume. It is best to stick to strains with average potency because they deliver optimal experiences. It is best to get more information about various shroom strains and their characteristics before trying them. When it comes to the right dosage, an experienced friend may have some good recommendations for you. Typically, a dose of 1-2.5 grams of dried shrooms is recommended, though it always makes sense to go even lower as a starter. Consider increasing gradually till you find a sweet spot.

Have clear intentions from the start

Everyone has some expectations and intentions when it comes to taking a psychedelic trip. Some people want to do it only for recreation, while others take it as an opportunity to open up the mind and connect with the inner self. While there is no way to control the experience once things are in motion, having clear intentions from the start can make a difference. They can subconsciously guide your experience and steer it in the right direction, just the way you want.

Another useful tip that can help you get the best possible magic mushroom trip is to consume them on an empty stomach. Being too full can slow down the absorption or make you feel nauseous. So make sure that you eat a light and nutritious meal and have plenty of water to stay hydrated during the trip.

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