Buying a Glass Pipe for Cannabis Consumption? All You Need to Know

From time immemorial, glass is considered the most favored option for inhaling cannabis. Glass pipes are durable, tolerate high temperatures, look beautiful, and are always easy to clean.

However, this is not all. Consuming cannabis with a glass pipe has a whole variety of advantages for a consumer. Still, they are not as famous as other means of consuming this herb. But the times are changing, and customers are becoming more aware of this unique instrument of obtaining the benefit of this fantastic herb.

Since there is a wide variety of these glass equipment to choose from, the consumer usually gets confused while making the decision. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about the different types of glass pipes and a few techniques that will help you choose the right piece of equipment.

Let’s get you started:

Dab Kits

Dab kits are also famous marijuana equipment that is loved by marijuana users worldwide. A dab kit includes not only a dab rig but also other accessories to enhance the user experience of consuming this herb.

A dab rig present in the kit vaporizes concentrates, giving the consumer the ability to try interchangeable flowers and different concentrate options. Additionally, compared to other glass pipes, dab kits are easier to use. However, they are virtually the same, but dab kits have an extra level of filtration and cooling, which makes the whole experience a lot more convenient for the consumer.

The main feature in a dab rig that’s included in a dab kit is that It helps consumers inhale cannabis concentrates with its vaporizing mechanism. The material used in its manufacture is glass, but now you can also find it in metal. Dabs are for experienced consumers, which provides them with multiple advantages.

Chillum Glass Pipe

Chillum is one of the oldest pieces of marijuana equipment you would find in any part of the world. However, India is the place where it first came into existence.

A chillum glass pipe functions almost similar to other marijuana inhaling devices. It is made of a mouthpiece, a thin tube, and a bowl-shaped end in one straight line. These pipes are usually smaller than other types of pipes that are available in the market.

Moreover, you don’t have to have extensive knowledge to use these pipes. However, knowing how to use a chillum will guarantee you an excellent cannabis inhaling experience if you are a beginner. That said, using chillum has a vast number of benefits for you. They give you the advantage of directions, as they effortlessly blend into the environment.

Also, they are comparatively cheaper than other inhaling equipment the marijuana industry has to offer you. Therefore, glass pipes can be used by beginners as well as experienced marijuana consumers. 


Bubblers are another type of glass pipe that is quite similar to a bong. Bubblers come in a vast range of colors, shapes ranging from flashy to functional. However, unlike bongs, they rarely support the big angular tubes and work with a carburetor rather than a slide.

Due to its smaller chamber size, bubblers do not give the same large rips you get with a bong, but they are easy to carry around and use.

Moreover, cleaning a bubbler can prove to be a difficult task if you are in a hurry. Thanks to its complex inner workings, and almost impossible to fix if broken. So, if you are an experienced marijuana consumer, bubblers are just the thing you need to try to enhance your experience.

In Conclusion

Marijuana consumers always keep looking for ways to enhance their flower experience, and for this reason, glass pipes give you a whole variety of reasons to try them. Additionally, these pipes can be used by any consumer regardless of their prior experience.

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