Best Disposable Vape Pens

The moment when the so-called flavored Pod Ban was finally enforced by the U.S. FDA in January of 2020 could be taken as the beginning of a disposable vape pens era. Since it primarily prohibited vape shop owners from selling the refillable cartridges of sweet and fruity flavored e-liquids, disposables didn’t have tanks to refill and therefore did not fall into the banned category.

Since then, their popularity has never stopped growing. There is a myriad of exciting disposables to try out, and thanks to the highly competitive market, a great deal of them are high-quality. Still, it’s good to know what to expect and possibly narrow down the selection, so here are our top picks of disposable vape pens right now.

Puff Flow and Puff Plus

When it comes to disposables, you shouldn’t miss trying out Puff. The main difference between Puff Flow and Puff Plus is the e-juice capacity – an astounding 4ml for Flow and 3.2 for the Plus, which is an upgraded version of the regular Puff Bar.

Puff Flow is considerably larger than the Plus while the nicotine percentage is the same for both – 5%. On the other hand, if you are looking for an extended vaping experience, Puff Flow has a massive 600mAh battery which will do the job just perfectly. Also, the name Flow comes from the adjustable airflow ring at the bottom of the pen, so you can customize the draw as much as you want.

While the Puff Plus offers the same flavor selection as the regular Puff Bar, Puff Flow will blow your mind with the bold fruity and combinations – Aloe Mango Ice, Papaya Banana, Guava Ice, Peach Ice, and many more.

Myle Mini Disposable Vape

Myle vapes are one of the most recognized products in the market right now thanks to the premium quality they deliver. Their Mini-series include a 3-inch disposable vape with a compact design and wide flavor selection.

The pack includes 2 disposable devices where each promises more than 320 puffs. Since Myle Mini is well-known for the satisfying taste which will help you quit tobacco in no time, you get to choose between 20 different flavors. Sounds fun, right? Besides the ever-green Strawberry Banana and Iced Quadberry, there is a Sweet Tobacco for the nostalgic ones.

Vgod Stig Disposables

Vgod has a reputation for producing immaculate and exceptionally powerful vaping devices, so their disposables didn’t disappoint the fans. For those who have difficulties satisfying the nicotine cravings, Vgod Stig did a great favor by creating disposables with the highly concentrated salt-based nicotine (60mg). You’ll get the kick you need, feel satisfied longer, and enjoy an aftertaste of Apple crisp, Mighty mint, Cubano, or 5 other amazing flavors. Vgod Stig Minis will provide up to 270 puffs per device, and each pack includes 3 of those.

HQD Disposable Vapes

HQD is one of those manufacturers that truly works hard to respond to the customers’ requirements. The result is 6 disposable pen series where each category promises a different vaping adventure.

HQD Rosy disposable vapes are their latest product, and they already enjoy huge popularity. They are equipped to provide over 400 puffs per device with over 20 flavors to choose from and are perfect for passionate vapers and smokers thanks to the mighty nicotine salts (50mg). HQD Cuvie V1 and V2 are still the most wanted due to the small dimensions, affordability, and more than 30 flavors to explore.


Disposables are the best solution for on-the-go people. You can always mix and match to find which ones you like since their reasonable price allows that. On the other hand, you can have a nice vaping device at home, like a Juul starter kit, and use disposables only when going out. So, visit the certified vape shop even today, take a puff and enjoy!

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