7 Tips to Get More Vapor from Your Dry Herb Vaporizer

Do you love dry herb vaping and trying to get most voluminous and smooth vapors from your herbal vaporizer? Thin wispy vapor is the most common problem vapers are facing these days. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved with the help of some simple tips that anyone can follow. There are certain factors that keep you from getting the dense clouds and in this article; I will help you make some simple adjustments that could make your vaping experience whole lot of better. If you use your herbal vape proficiently, you will be able to create the most enjoyable vaping experience for yourself. Here are some tips that will help you ensure that:

1.     Dry Your Herbs As Much As You Can

Isn’t it obvious that you need to dry your herbs to get dry herbs to vape? When getting your herbs ready to vape, just know that the drier the herb, the better will be the vapors it produces. You should always get the driest herbs from your local store and if they are not dry enough, then you can dry them further in a simple glass jar by placing a tissue on the top and bottom of herbs and leaving them overnight. If your herbs contain any moisture, the tissues will suck it up. You can also use moisture absorbing bags to dry your herbs.

2.     Grind Them Well

Well ground herbs produce even and dense vapors. Therefore a good quality grinder and dry herb atomizer is essential to grind your herbs well. Perfectly ground herbs have increased surface area which allow hot air travel through it and pick up the potent molecules and terpenes. Maximized surface area will also help vaporize the herb evenly to produce most vapors. Therefore, invest in good quality grinder to grind your herbs finely.

3.     Fill the Cartridge

Most vaporizers have specific instructions on how much dry herb should you place in the cartridge. But a general rule of thumb is to pack a cartridge keeping it full & fluffy because it gives heated air enough space to pass through the ground herb and heat it up evenly. The reason is that dry herb vapes work best when the heated air can pass through the ground herb and heat it up evenly. This will not only give you dense vapor bot also offer better flavor and potency by allowing the vaporizer to vaporize more of the active substances present in the herb. It will also reduce the draw resistance and you won’t have to pull so hard from the mouthpiece.

On the other hand, packing too much herb in the cartridge reduces the flow of air creating the need for a harder pull in order to get more vapors. So, keep your filling full and fluffy.

4.     Heat Up Your Vaporizer According to Herb You’re Vaping

This is the tricky part because different dry herbs have different temperatures at which they vaporize. There is a lowest temperature at which they start to vaporize and the highest temperature after which they start to combust. Therefore, it is very important for you to know your herb’s vaporization temperature and adjust your herbal vaporizer’s temperature settings accordingly. In addition to that, vaporizing the herbs at higher temperatures start to deteriorate the vapor quality and produce harsher vapors. So, you need to experiment to find out the perfect temperature for your favorite herb. If you want more vapors, you might need to higher the temperature a little bit but make sure that you’re not setting the temperature beyond maximum temperature limit to keep your herbs from combusting.

5.     Inhale Your Vapors Properly

Your vaping experience depends so much on the way you inhale. If you take long and slow draws, you will be able to extract more of the vapors. You should also keep experimenting with your technique to find out the perfect draw duration for yourself. Slow and long draws also help you draw most of the organic compounds and fine flavor from the herb you’re vaping. The duration of the draw would also depend on the vape device you’re using. The speed and intensity of your device is also a big factor to find your perfect draw.

6.     Clean Your Device Regularly

It is highly recommended to clean your vape pen right after the use. This helps to make sure that your device functions efficiently and with its full potential. If you wait to clean your device, the residue will start to dry up and will be harder to clean. Therefore, clean your device when it’s still semi-warm. Empty the cartridge after every use and clean it up with the small brush.

7.     Let Your Vape Sit for a While

Another good thing to do in addition to the above techniques is to wait twenty or thirty seconds to start inhaling after the vape has reached the temperature you selected. Or, during a session, you can wait ten to thirty seconds between draws. The reason for waiting, in either case, is that heat continues to build up in the oven. If you combine this with the above draw technique, you can significantly increase the amount of vapor you produce.

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