IQOS Review – Is Vaping Dead?

Philip Morris is the closest you can get to a real cigarette. Designed in a sleek way, it is compact and can be carried easily anywhere. It comes with HEETS which have tobacco in it which fuel a cigarette. Gives you the real tobacco taste minus the combustion. It has a good vapor quality.

Background of the Philip Morris IQOS

This device has been made by the manufacturers of Marlboro. People who want to quit smoking often take up vaping as an alternative. For those people, Philip Morris IQOS is the best thing to use. These e-cigs give the flavor of tobacco making it the real deal. It doesn’t burn like a cigarette hence protecting the environment. This smokeless cigarette is a hybrid. It may be using refills of tobacco but doesn’t burn like the actual cigarette. Its heats the tobacco former to combustion.

Philip Morris IQOS Kit

  • 1 e-cig device
  • Charger
  • HEET sticks

Features of Philip Morris IQOS

The Philip Morris IQOS can easily be carried anywhere. Another feature that makes it somewhat similar to the real cigarette is its timing. It lasts up to 14 puffs once the HEET stick is inside. The battery is suitable for people who smoker after intervals. For chain smokers, this isn’t that accurate as its battery dies easily. It has 95% fewer harmful chemicals.

Design of Philip Morris IQOS

The sleek design surely makes it stand out. It’s lightweight. It differs from other e-cigs in the sense that it has real tobacco. This e-cig weight 19.6 grams and has the measurements of 93.3 x 14.7 x 13.9 mm. tobacco usually burns at 600 degrees Celsius but in the IQOS the tobacco is heated up to 350 degrees Celsius. The amazing thing is that the tobacco is covered in vegetable glycerin which gives a unique vaping experience. The slim and smart design will make you want to buy and it will help you set a style statement. It’s lightweight so you don’t have to worry about carrying it anywhere.

How to use it?

One the HEET stick is put in you have to wait for it to reach its maximum level of heat. The heating process is slow so you have to wait. Special care should be taken in the cleaning department if you want your device to last longer. You can use it up to 6 minutes or 14 puff. That depends how fast you take puffs.

Cleaning it is not that difficult as well. It has a cleaning capsule that is unique in its own feature. The bristles easily clean the device from inside.

Performance and Vapor Quality

The IQOS gives a very unique experience. It has the same appearance, odor and vapor production which makes it different than the other e-cigs. When you vape you get a hint of tobacco, giving you the feeling that you are smoking a real cigarette and does not let you have a pungent taste.


It is unique and will definitely attract your attention. It will give you the same experience as the traditional cigarette. If you are want to quit smoking but want the same experience which a normal cigarette gives then this is your pick. The best part is that it can be taken any way but the low battery life, however, appears as a challenge as it dies quickly if used frequently. For that, you have to charge it again. If you are tired of the smell of ask coming from you then this e-cig will fix that.

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