Vaporesso GEN Kit Review

The Mainstream vape maker Vaporesso has recently launched the double 18650 mod with the name “Vaporesso GEN” and everybody wants to know what’s new in it? The gadget is appraised for 220 watts, comes outfitted with the spic and span Axon chip, and is intended to be lightweight and delicate to the touch.

Vaporesso has built up a convention in making dependable and high-performing mods, similar to the Target Mini II (audit coming soon), Luxe, Polar, and Armor Pro. They have discreetly been one of the top mod creators in vaping for some time now. Can the GEN satisfy the models set by Vaporesso’s past mods? Let’s find out what’s new to know here!

The Forging of Vaporesso GEN

The Vaporesso Gen is a pleasantly constructed and planned mod. It comes with decent size and it is lightweight at just around 107 grams—basically a similar load as the Vandy Vape Swell. The mod comes in four shading alternatives with the red and blue ones blurring into the back at the base. I have the silver one which looks quite smooth and clean; however the “red to black blur” is my top pick.

The mod is essentially rectangular, yet comfortable in the hands, and its edges are adjusted. It has a delicate vibe to it also. Their site guarantees that “the delicate touch packaging is made of 4 layers of covering, giving it delicate elastic-like feel, yet as yet making it smooth to the touch” and I need to state they aren’t lying there. Just thing I didn’t think about was that they returned to a little 0.91-inch high contrast screen.

The battery door is a standard attractive side plate. Batteries fit pleasantly and are anything but difficult to take out utilizing the lace that is appended to the plastic plate.


The Vaporesso GEN is stuffed with features and modes like a large portion of their mods. You have Pulse Mode, Power Eco, Smart TC, a DIY Mode which is the place you can pick the standard mode for Power (with typical, hard and delicate preheats), Temp Control (SS, Ni200, Ti, and one memory opening), Voltage Mode, Watt Curve Mode, Bypass Mode, and Super Player Mode. In the settings menu, there is likewise their Smart and Auto Modes. The mod uses a standard TCR framework, which is completely customizable over all modes.

To summarize it, the GEN has essentially every model out there to say the very least, to where it’s domineering. It’s cool to have the highlights, yet all that you need is in the DIY mode menu and that is the place I stay by and by. Not certain what’s the purpose of having a Pulse mode, and Super Player is simply Power mode with lower least opposition.

How to Use “Vaporesso Gen” Guide

It’s exceptionally basic and simple to explore. Here is a brisk overview:

  • 5 ticks of the fire button to turn on and off
  • 3 ticks of the mode button to enter the menu
  • Go through and down to look over the menu and mode to acknowledge.
  • Utilize the fire button to leave the menu
  • 3 ticks of the fire button to bolt change buttons (can in any case fire)
  • TCR and force changes are made in the wake of choosing the mode

The mod’s navigation is truly clear and simple, particularly if you have been utilizing a Vaporesso mod previously.

Performance:  Power Mode

The latest Axon chip is incorporated by The GEN. Their more established mods utilized the Omni chip which was perhaps the best chip in vaping, regardless of not getting the acknowledgment it merits, and superior to the more famous Gene chip of the Voopoo mods.

I used Sony VTC5A Batteries to test these mods. They list the specs at 220 watts; however no-volt or amp limit recorded anyplace. I wish they recorded every one of the three on their site. During my testing, the maximum accomplished wattage was 219, so their 220-watt rating is superb. As far as possible I got was 44, which is better than expected for a double battery mod. As far as possible with a 0.67-ohm coil was 9.257, which is higher than most double battery mods available and appears there is a lift circuit—that is decent also since most double battery mods don’t have one. I’m happy they kept that in as it’s just been Vaporesso, Geekvape, Innokin, and Aspire doing that reliably on their chips in recent years.

The mod modifies in 0.1-watt augments under 100 watts and full-watt increases at least 100. You can likewise hold the button to scroll rapidly by one watt. By and large, it functions admirably, however, I don’t see a point in utilizing 0.1-watt augments for anything more than 20 watts.

Performance: Temperature control

Trying SS316L Wire in SS mode with the TCR set to 92, I tried 4 forms.

  • One basic round single coil
  • One basic round double coil
  • Two extravagant wire single-coils fabricates
  • One extravagant wire double loop manufacture

The Gen has the full 220-watt limit accessible in TC. I had the option to get a warm vape around the 420 F go, so it hits around 30 F higher—which is fine as you can modify for taste with a lot of squirm room. It throttles easily and has great dry hit insurance. I get a steady vape without fail and the force lets you alter the increase.

Hence, if you’re searching for a lightweight and precise mod, and aren’t stressed over the recoloring, the Vaporesso GEN is an extraordinary entertainer and unquestionably one to consider.

You can get Vaporesso GEN Kit at Directvapor!

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