Vaporesso Drizzle Fit Kit Review

Vaporesso Drizzle Kit Review

If you are looking for something simple to vape? Then Vaporesso Drizzle Fit is a perfect choice for a compact, lightweight and minimized unit intended for simple vaping. Vaporesso is calling the Drizzle Fit the Swiss Army Knife of vapes because it should handily achieve different activities.

The Drizzle Fit mod comes furnished with the OMNI Board Mini, which will set the ability to the ideal wattage dependent on the opposition utilized. What’s more, the Drizzle Fit Tank takes the simple to-swap coils from the Mini EUC family; both CCELL and their customary coils.

The Body Construction

The Drizzle Fit unit is the second round for the Drizzle. The first was discharged toward the start of 2017, and the tank was on a 1000 mAh tube battery. Presently the Drizzle tank is combined with the Dizzle mod with 1400 mAh battery, 1-amp brisk accuse of pass-through, and three wattage mode settings: 13, 9, and 7 watts. The mod is additionally said to have 40 watts of intensity accessible.

Drizzle Fit: The Mod and the Tank

The Drizzle Fit mod has a matte completion, one catch as an agreeable and clicky terminating bar, and the general measurements are 23.3 mm x 33.2 mm x 56.5 mm. It just weighs 65 grams, which is not exactly some sub-ohm tanks I have!

The Omni Board Mini perceives the coil’s obstruction and sets the wattage mode for you (which isn’t another thing for vape mods). To begin, you just need to do the standard five-snap of the catch to turn on the gadget, at that point, it’s all set. No wonky menus to explore or learn. Simply put the tank on and vape. On the off chance that you need to change the settings, click the fire bar multiple times to get to different settings. The Green is 13 watts, blue is 9 watts, and red is 7 watts.

The Drizzle Fit tank is a top-fill where you fill legitimately at the edges of the tank. What’s more, it holds 1.8 mL of e-juice (making it TPD consistent). The tank release is safe because of the wind current being situated at the top, simply under the tip. It’s balanced on the top by going it to one side. It’s a strong change and it waits where it’s set.

The Drizzle Fit takes Vaporesso EUC simple swap coils. There’s no chaos or fiddling at all with these coils. Simply flip around the tank, unscrew the base of the tank (while holding the glass parcel), pluck out the little coil head and drop in another one. It is a basic, yet cunning plan and it fills in as promoted.

Vaporesso Drizzle Kit Review

Drizzle Fit: How it performs?

The Drizzle Fit tank takes two coils from the Vaporesso EUC line: CCELL 1.3 ohm, and a conventional coil at 1.4 ohms. I’ve been using two Drizzle Fit units with the CCELL and the customary coils. No dry hits or spitty coils. I have them both set to 13 watts (the green setting). For how I like to vape, 13 watts feels perfect on both (on the off chance that you like a warm vape. The lower settings are cooler.) The flavor and fume are strong for an MTL vape, regardless of which coil I’m utilizing. They’re not notably acceptable, however, the throat hit is on point and the two coils work truly well with nic salts or simply high nic squeeze all in all. I can scarcely tell a contrast between the two. They additionally fine with higher VG due to the liberal wicking gaps. Max wind stream is, best case scenario a confined lung hit.

I additionally gave different atomizers a shot the mod. The atomizer stage is 23.3 mm, and 22 mm atomizers look great and have no shade. In any case, different atomizers I’ve utilized on the mod leave me scratching my head about where the force is set. Keep in mind: there is no advanced display. Vaporesso says the mod has 40 watts of intensity, yet I don’t have the foggiest idea how to get to that — or regardless of whether I am getting to it. At the point when I put on another atomizer appropriate for the force scope of the gadget, it sets it to some obscure number (and I am practically sure it’s higher than the typical green setting).

For this gadget to be so little, it has a genuinely large battery limit. At 1400 mAh, I’ve been getting admirably longer than a day on one battery when utilizing the Drizzle Tank.

Pros Cons
Compact structure factor Decent and clicky fire bar
Easy-to-Use Obscure wattage settings on non-Drizzle atomizers
Mod has an enduring battery Longer-than-an-hour charge Mechanism
Pass-through charging on the mod  
Coils perform well for different kinds of juice  
Great throat hit from a tank  
Coils perform well for different kinds of juice  
Strong wind current change  

Last Word 

The best example of best basic vape and a perfect size is Drizzle Fit. It has a pleasant MTL attract up to a limited lung hit, and the mod makes it simple to modify the experience. You can utilize different atomizers with protections not the same as the Drizzle tank’s coils, yet you won’t know precisely what force is being conveyed.  So if you’re searching for new then Drizzle Fit is something you’d love to have!

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