What To Look For When Shopping for CBD Vape Products

Many vape users are very concerned about their health and well-being. Recently, it has been reported all across the nation, that the source of the mysterious lung disease, and even death is related to vaping. As we learn more information about these reports, it is becoming apparent that the deaths and illness are most likely connected to vaping black market THC e-juices and cartridges. It is important to know that these black-market products are most likely home made by amateurs and there is absolutely no quality control. Simply put there is no way of knowing what is inside these products. Among these reports there has been a lot of concern when it comes to CBD vape products. As the CBD market is completely unregulated at this time ( FDA only regulates vape products containing nicotine ), there is many questionable products hitting the market.

If you are one of many people who enjoy the benefits of CBD, all these reports may scare you away. Vaping CBD allows the fastest and most efficient absorption rate which is why so many choose to consume hemp derived CBD products via e-juice or vape pen. There are some very easy and basic steps you can follow to make sure you are purchasing the highest quality; safe CBD vape product.

Brand & 3rd Party Lab Results

Before purchasing any vape product that contains CBD, be sure to look up the brand and do a little homework. Does the brand have heavy online presence including multiple social media accounts? Can you find reviews and testimonials of the brand and their products? Good, now you should be able to easily locate recent lab reports with detailed ingredients list. All respectable CBD brands make this information easily accessible – only shady brands hide or even don’t offer 3rd party lab results which verify actual CBD content as well as presence of other ingredients.

Batch Information & Product Packaging

You should be able to easily locate the following information printed right on the vape CBD product: batch number, production date, and expiration date. If you cannot locate at least one of those, please consider another product. Also be on the look out for tamper evident seals and the overall product packing. Make sure the product is sealed so that there is no way the contents could’ve been adulterated before your consumption.

These are just some basic common knowledge steps you can follow each time you purchase CBD vape product. With so many CBD brands, and so many online CBD shops, it can sometimes be overwhelming when trying to decide on which product to buy. Established CBD brands will provide all the information above. Trustworthy CBD shops will only sell established CBD brand products. Now you can continue to enjoy vaping CBD without having to worry about what’s inside the actual product.

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