Everything you need to know about nic salt

Every now and then, there is a new development within the sphere of electric smoking and vaping. For example, a new kind of e-liquid has been made with Nicotine Salt. These are also called Nic Salt e-liquids. In this blog we will discuss what Nic Salt e-liquid is and what it can be used for. Read on and learn all about this new form of vaping.

What is nic salt

Nic Salt is a substitute for the normal nicotine that is added in e-liquid or e-cigarette liquid. This has many advantages over the use of normal liquid nicotine in the e-cigarette. Unlike normal e-liquid, it does not use liquid but salt. This is called the nic salt or nic salt e liquid. A few years ago, in the Netherlands a new regulation had been presented by the government with a ban on tanks/clearomizers larger than 2 ml. In addition, liquids containing nicotine were no longer allowed to be sold in bottles larger than 10 ml.

As a result, many vaporizers have switched to the use of so-called “Sub Ohm e-cigarettes”, since they thought: the more smoke the better. However, as a consequence the use of the amount of liquid that was needed increased enormously. In addition, the size of the e-cigarettes has also increased as a result. The battery and clearomizer had to be as large as possible and the e-cigarette coil also had to emit as much smoke as possible. Nicotine Salt works differently than normal e-liquid since they ensure a faster absorption of the nicotine to help the nicotine stay in the body longer. The absorption of Nic Salt e-liquid is therefore more comparable to the absorption of a normal tobacco cigarette.

Advantages of nic salt e liquid

There are numerous advantages that you will notice when you switch to nic salt e liquid. To make it somewhat easier for you, we have listed the biggest advantages down here below:

  • Nicotine Salt is absorbed faster than in the blood than normal e-liquid. In addition, the so-called ‘satisfaction’ also lasts longer.
  • Less influence on the taste. Especially with high e-liquid (12mg/ml or higher), the taste of the nicotine can have an enormous influence on the taste of the e-liquid. With Nic Salt this is different. The taste of the nicotine salt is hardly noticeable in the e-liquid.
  • Vaping with Nic Salt is also often much cheaper. This is because the need for nicotine will be less due to the slower and more constant release.
  • Nic Salt can be used with almost all models of e-cigarettes. However, when using high Nic Salt e-liquid, we do not recommend the use of coils with a resistance lower than 1 ohm. This given the fact that the evaporation will go faster, you don’t want to take in too much nicotine. Do not use Nic Salt e-liquid with a Sub Ohm e-cigarette.

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