Buying your first e liquid

When you are in possession of an electric cigarette that can be refilled, it is important that you have enough liquid. This is also called the e liquid that you put in the electric cigarette, without e liquid there is no smoke. Nowadays when it comes down to buying e liquid there are quite a few ambiguities. For example, people are afraid that they will have to switch to liquids containing nicotine. Or they think that there are only a few flavors available. Buying your first e liquid doesn’t have to be that hard, in this article we will show you all you need to know.

What is e liquid?

We also call e cigarette liquid e-liquid. The e cigarette liquid goes into your electric cigarette. This e cigarette liquid contains the flavorings, PG, VG and possibly nicotine. The PG and VG are the so-called carrier fluids for the e cigarette liquid. In the PG the nicotine and flavourings are dissolved. Because PG itself is rather raw for the throat, the e cigarette liquid is diluted with VG. VG is softer on the throat and has a slightly sweet taste. VG is also a bit syrupy, which makes the liquid and cigarette also a bit syrupy. E cigarette liquids that contain a lot of VG become very syrupy and are therefore less suitable for small e cigarettes such as pod systems and starter kits.

The different sorts of e liquids

There are many different types of e liquids to choose from. This means that it is important to see what type of e liquid you need. The liquids can consist of a PG and VG, you can read more about that down below:

  • PG: Is sharper in the throat, liquid looks more like water, and can taste a bit chemical.
  • VG: Is soft in the throat, liquid looks more like syrup, and produces larger vapor clouds.

It is important to note that there are differences in the possibilities for using the e liquid, this will depend on the type of electric cigarette that is used. For pod systems you can opt for the e liquids up to 50% VG. For the starter kits you can go for the e liquid up to 70% VG and for the sub ohm there is a minimum of 50% VG. Always pay attention to these differences before you decide to buy your first e liquid.

Choose for the aroma you like

We hope that you will have an easier time buying your first e liquids thanks to the information in this article. As you have seen, there are a lot of different possibilities to choose from when we are talking about e liquids. Buy choosing the aroma and e liquid you like you will make sure that you enjoy every puff of your own e cigarette.

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