How Is CBD Extracted?

CBD medicinal and health benefits popularity has led to a massive interest in CBD oil and the process of extracting it from raw cannabis or hemp. CBD and THC feature as the major compounds in marijuana among the many cannabinoids of the plant. 

Another source of CBD is the Hemp plant. Many countries grow the Hemp plant for its industrial uses in making commercial items such as paper, clothing, and animal feed. The plant doesn’t contain THC, and countries including the USA legalized it.

Extraction of CBD allows for the removal of THC and other cannabinoids. You can extract CBD from the stalks and stems of the marijuana or hemp plant through the alcohol, oil, and CO2 methods.

The CO2 Method

If you want to extract CBD for commercial use, you will use the CO2 method for its high extraction efficiency. You will, however, need to invest in advanced and highly-priced C02 extractors. Professional extractors prefer the way because it uses C02 as the only solvent which leads to the production of a cleaner and a better quality CBD oil.

In the method, CO2 goes through chambers with regulated temperatures until it turns into a supercritical fluid before mixing with the cannabis. The technique’s optimal efficiency in CBD extraction makes it viable for extracting CBD in Marijuana.

Alcohol Method

The alcohol method is one of the oldest CBD oil extraction methods. Users prefer the technique because of its simplicity, and its zero need for complicated equipment. If you’re a beginner, you can use the alcohol method. It requires no expertise and produces good quality CBD.

The technique involves pouring and mixing cannabis content with alcohol. You’ll then sieve and squeeze the mixture several times to create a solvent, free from residues. To separate CBD from the ethanol, you’ll heat the solution in a low flame until the alcohol evaporates.

Apart from alcohol, you can use other solvents in the method. However, the chemical composition of many solvents like hydrocarbons makes them risky and unreliable compared to the natural alcohol.

Many people love the method since its inexpensive, but the technique can drain other components from the hemp, causing a bitter CBD taste. 

Oil Method

For those people who don’t like alcohol or the riskiness of hydrocarbons, they can use olive-oil to extract CBD. Users heat raw cannabis at high temperatures for some time before mixing its concretes with olive oil. Because of oil’s viscosity, you can hardly separate it from the mixture by evaporation.

Despite the safety of the oil method, its final product lacks full effectiveness, causing a need for overconsumption before you can reach the desired effect.

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